Develop Your Willpower

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Develop Your Willpower

Develop Your Willpower

“Willpower is essential to the accomplishment of anything worthwhile.” – Brian Tracy

How long can you focus on staring at a certain object without getting distracted? Most of the time, people would take just 5 – 10 seconds of intense focus. After that their mind wanders off to other things – the noise around them, thoughts about the bills they have to pay, thoughts about the traffic on their way home, the laundry, their need for a new pair of shoes, etc.

The will is the mental faculty that we use to focus our attention. It is the ability to continuously direct your energy into one purpose (Rich, S. 2010). People don’t get to achieve what they want in life because they have not yet developed a higher sense of awareness. They don’t know how to focus their will on a certain purpose or goal.

It Takes a Lot of Effort to Use Your Willpower

This truth is the reason why it takes time for others to finally achieve their goals in life. Distractions are everywhere. We are in a world where we can easily access information anytime, anywhere, with the click on the mouse or a tap on the screen. We are constantly getting new information, news, scientific discoveries, stories etc. All these take our focus away from things that we need to do to achieve our goals in life.

This is not to say though that you should ignore everything else around you. Developing your sense of focus only means that despite the distractions, you know how to redirect your FULL attention back to whatever it is you are focusing on. Your mind recognizes the distraction, acknowledges it, BUT turns its attention back to your goal.

Your mental faculty of will, when developed, will push you to keep going despite the possible hardships, setbacks or challenges that you see before you in achieving your desires. The will is the mental faculty that successful people have developed. You have heard of rags-to-riches stories, where people started with nothing but are now enjoying the results of their focused will. The higher sense of awareness was developed because they have used their will to overcome anything that life throws at them.

Tips to Develop Your Willpower

Here are some tips from Peter Aursnes, one of Bob Proctor’s students, an author and life coach on how you can develop your will to achieve higher awareness and success in any field:

  • Control your thoughts
  • Stay true to yourself
  • Be future-oriented
  • Define your own success
  • Stay committed

Apart from these tips, more importantly, pray to God for guidance all the time. Pray that He would also provide you with means to achieve your goals, keep you on track, and help you address your worries.

Develop your willpower now. Make an effort to train your mind to simply zero-in on what you would like to achieve in life. Elevate your mind to a higher sense of awareness by focusing on things that you would like your will to put energy on. Whatever your will puts its energy on will bring forth results.

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