Why You’re Still Waiting for Divine Increase

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Why You’re Still Waiting for Divine Increase

Why You’re Still Waiting for Divine Increase

Do you know that what God has done for me, surely, He can do for you? 

God has allowed me to experience divine increase, restoration of health, and triumph in several areas of my life. Some of you might be asking, “Why is it happening to you, and not me?” or “Why am I still waiting for my divine increase?”

The answer could simply boil down to one thing, and that is YOUR UNDERSTANDING. 

Ask yourself this: How well are you understanding what God is saying? Could it be that you’ve interpreted it in another way? Is it possible that your own bias is adding or subtracting things that God is saying to you?

Your understanding plays a big role in the road to the manifestation of your blessings. You’ve been asking God to release some very vital things into your life and your current understanding may be blocking its arrival!

Think about it. Are there moments where you didn’t listen as clearly as you could have to God’s instructions? Were you too busy with other things that you didn’t recognize what God was saying to you at that moment?

On the other hand, were there situations that you encountered that you could have interpreted differently? God may have been showing you the door to your blessing, but you didn’t recognize it! 

Don’t misinterpret the moment God saw fit to place you in. Your understanding is going to cause God to walk you into INCREASE!

Do you UNDERSTAND that God wants to bless your altar?

Are you ready for INCREASE in the areas you need it?

Will you INTERPRET this moment correctly to obtain increase?

This could be the real reason why your testimony of divine increase, healing and restoration of relationships has been late on arrival. All you need is to get a better understanding of God’s instruction to interpret the moment correctly to obtain an increase in your life. Get divine understanding to receive the divine increase you’ve been waiting for.

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