You are about to receive a divine promotion that you deserve

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You are about to receive a divine promotion that you deserve

You are about to receive a divine promotion that you deserve

Are you ready to step forward and receive the divine promotion that you truly deserve?

As I look in the Spirit, I can detect that your soul has been standing by constantly for Divine rise, hasn’t it? You might feel like you are just going around in circles and not really going anywhere. 

The Lord says, “DIVINE PROMOTION IS ALL A PART OF MY DIVINE PLAN FOR YOU. YOUR WAITING ISN’T IN VAIN!” Thank you, Jesus! It couldn’t be any more obvious, this has just been a period of Divine groundwork for you! It would be ideal if you enable me to clarify… 

You’ve earned your title and proved that you are worthy of a divine advancement. You have done work that did not get proper recognition. The main concern to hear your assertion! 

Here’s the reason: the Lord says the divine promotion is going to discover you in what appears to resemble a wild. Circumstances that seem disorganized are going to uncover your next rise! This year will open your eyes to see this plainly, and to focus on the right path for your future. 

The Lord says, in 2020, what you feel that you deserve will set the breaking point on your expectations. This is on the grounds that your convictions decide how you translate the substance of the data you retain from minute to minute. As it were, the Lord says, “You’ve got to stay in my presence!” 

The Bible says, “If ye reside in me, and my words stay in you, ye will ask what ye will, and it will be done unto you.” (John 15:7) You’re venturing into one of the most dominant long periods of your life and it is amazingly indispensable that you live in the awareness of I AM. On the grounds that your commitment will make your rise and advancement be accomplished quickly! 

The scriptures show how well David progress spiritually. David was the most youthful offspring of Jesse, who tended the sheep for his family. In his long periods of shepherding, David figured out how to reside in God’s essence. He moved to the royal residence where he played his harp to calm King Saul. 

David knows how well to control his anger and it does not stop him from being courageous. 

In each period of his life, David conquered numerous impediments and developed in God. David always trespassed against God, he atoned and returned into right remaining with God. 

God considered David a man apparently seeking to win over his affections. We can see from David’s life that as he defeated in each season, God elevated him to his next season! (1 Samuel) 

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