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Did you know your Free Written Prophecy will show you how God’s Hand is Upon Your Family?

Something strange is about to take place in our house. However, this strangeness is not strange as if the enemy is doing something. This strangeness is all about what the Holy Spirit is fixing.

From a distance, it looked like the enemy had a grip on our family. From generation to generation, the pattern has been the same – one step forward, two steps back. The fire of the Holy Spirit is now consuming every negative thought and word that has come against our family.

You have been praying for a miraculous move of God. You are sick and tired of seeing your family struggling. It is very frustrating to see many of God’s talented people living beneath their means. We may have even questioned, “Why was I born into this family?” But every family has one or two people who refuse to allow the dysfunctional paradigm to remain. WE ARE THAT PEOPLE!

The sacrifices we have made over the past years are proof positive that we are one of God’s chosen vessels. Our minds are expanding daily with the knowledge and presence of God. These prophetic words are giving us the strength to keep fighting for our family.

God’s hand is upon the family. Our families are destined to win, regardless of the challenges that we may face within our family. Right now, get a vision of what you desire for your family and believe God for your desires to come to pass! No matter how great the attack on our family is, God says, THE WORST IS OVER!”

As we pray for no harm to come to our family and for the blessings of the Lord to be upon our family, the Holy Spirit is behind the scenes making sure our prayers do not fall to the ground. God’s hand is restoring that which the cankerworms and the locusts devoured. The prophetic word that we receive will be the glue that will make everything stick moving forward.

It is imperative that we surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who are able to elevate our faith. Right now, a bridge is being built in the Spirit realm that will give our family access to the all that God has for us.

Our ability to stand in the midst of adversity is a testament that we cannot be blown down by the winds of the enemy. Refuse to allow temptation and minor setbacks to shake our faith. We are too anointed to allow worry and scare tactics to work.

The strongholds that were designed to destroy our family have been severed. The enemy underestimated the power and force of our prayer lives. The paradigm is shifting. God has the final say. Family restoration, healing, prosperity and favor are upon you! Declare with me, “THE WORST IS OVER!”

Trust the prophet that he is ready to send us a word from the Lord that will give us divine guidance and wisdom for our new level of responsibility. Don’t worry about your tomorrow; God’s hand is upon our lives.

Never allow our trials to suggest that our best days are behind us. When the lights are dim, it is difficult to see. Life will always appear to be in the dark. But the Holy Spirit connected us to the Master Prophet for such a time as this.
When life wants to treat us unfairly, the Master Prophet is seeing us into success. When we feel stuck and think there is no way out, the Master Prophet is prophesying our greatness. And when you look in the mirror and say, “I desire more for my family,” God hears your prayers!

Today, begin to discover the hidden truths on this road that will open our eyes to the amazing blessings the Father has earmarked just for our family. May we all give earnest heed to the voice of God through His prophet and design the absolute best life for our family!


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