Higher Awareness and Expanding Your Perception

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Higher Awareness and Expanding Your Perception

Higher Awareness and Expanding Your Perception

Expanding your perception is one way to develop higher awareness.  A highly aware person knows and understands that there are always two or more sides to everything. He/she knows and understands that there is truth to people’s points of view from their perspectives. Other people though tend to focus on one perspective only, and so, their choices are limited.

While highly aware people see detours everywhere, a person looking at one path cannot move forward if that path was blocked.

Understanding the Role of Perception in Developing Higher Awareness

Perception controls what you are aware of. If you do not see another perspective, then you are not aware of it. If you CHOOSE to ignore another perspective though, then awareness is there but you still limit your courses of action. It is important then to do develop our mental faculty of perception, for it determines our higher sense of awareness. A person with a well-developed sense of perception sees opportunities where others see roadblocks.

We base most of our perceptions on our realities. Perceptions are highly subjective and are more often than not based on limited experience. If you will be asked to look at one side of a notebook, you may see that it is plain with a simple logo in the middle. If you ask another person to look at the other side of the notebook, he/she may say it has paisley patterns on it.

Both of you are looking at different sides; both can see different things, but both are correct. Without looking at the other side though, you wouldn’t see how the other perspective is correct and you will go on insisting that what you see is the right one. How does this relate to your life?

Learn to Look at Both Perspectives

How will you make the right decisions if you perceive things negatively? Ignorance of one perspective can cost you success in your career, relationships, business, family life, etc. If you limit your perception about yourself as a loser just like what everybody else said in high school, how can you see your other side, capable of achieving anything you want in life?

Step back and evaluate your own perspectives. How you see the world around you determines the number of opportunities you can recognize and use to your advantage. How you see yourself determines how you will interact with people, how you will face adversities, or how successful you will become.

If you tend to look at your world and yourself in a negative light, keep in mind the Law of Polarity – there is an opposite side to everything. Therefore, there is always a positive side to everything. It is still your CHOICE if you want to limit your points of view to the negative side of things. But do not expect positive things to happen should you choose to remain on that negative sphere.

Use Your Mental Faculty of Perception in Decision-Making

A highly aware person sees to it that he/she uses the mental faculty of perception when making important decisions. They can step out of their own life, examine their life’s different sides, pinpoint their wrong perspectives and are willing to change their perspectives if needed. The Bible says, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!”

‘Healthy eyes’ are eyes that can see different perspectives clearly. ‘Unhealthy eyes’ have limited vision; they might only see what’s directly in front of them and disregard everything else around what they are looking at. If you choose to see all that is ‘wrong in your life’ (if the light within you is darkness), expect that your subconscious will bring forth more of everything that is ‘wrong in your life’.

Final Thoughts on Perception and Higher Awareness

Remember that what your conscious mind chooses to see (good or bad side), your subconscious accepts without question. It then brings it to fruition. If you want to change your life for the better, be mindful of your perceptions. Always try to see the good and bad side of things. Come to a sound decision that would bring about positive results in your life.

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