Intent is About Action

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Intent is About Action

Intent is About Action

There is movement in intention. Intent is similar to the term “motive”. A person’s intentions or motives are important to the Lord. How do we know? The Bible tells us that the Lord weighs our motives. God is not satisfied and limited to the external. God is always concerned with what is inside of us. Our intentions represent what is inside our hearts. It represents our desires.

Intent is not just about setting goals to achieve. This concept goes beyond planning, setting objectives or formulating strategies. Furthermore, it even goes beyond hope and expectations. We cannot objectify intention. Intent resides in the depth of your souls.

What do we do about it? We get a glimpse at the importance of intent and we ask: what should we do now? Let us consider the prompt to be a giver. What happens when you are a proactive giver? Immediately, you jump into action. Initiation takes responsibility. Givers do no sit back and evaluate if they have enough resources. They hear from God and give.

Intent and Proactivity

Something is powerful about the proactive nature of the individual that has evolved. They like to take initiative when they are proactive. People like to be in charge when they are proactive. They like action and immediate action even more so.

I want to ask you something. How many disciples were in the boat when Jesus was walking on the water? Can you remember how many were in the boat? How many disciples did Jesus have?

He had twelve disciples. There were twelve in the boat. When you said the word come, that was a word for all twelve to go. Who stepped out of the boat? Peter. Peter was the percentage that moved for God. What is the percentage that moved? One twelfth.

This is a little less than eight percent. This shows us that the general population, even though all of them were with God in the boat, only one acted on the command of God because one had the purpose in their heart to go for it. See a person that is a proactive individual, they go for it and just do it. They appreciate the power of the now. They get it done.

Take Charge

Take charge. What are you waiting for? All the proactive givers have already given. The reactive ones are waiting to see what the stock market is doing tomorrow and where the economy is going to be. If you’re on that page, let me tell you something right now, you’re going to have an upset stomach, you’re going to have a headache, you’re not going to sleep and whatever money you do have, and you’re going to lose it.

Why? It is because you are reactive instead of being proactive. The millionaires of today are your proactive, the opportunity seekers, and not the individuals that waiting for the government to provide something for them.

Now, as we begin to look here, how can our intentions impact our life significantly? It is as broad as our imagination can take us. You have something in your mind, and then you set an intention. To achieve what we desire, we need to have the intention to do so. We need to have the nerve to ask for what we intend to have.

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