Manifestation of Intention

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Manifestation of Intention

Manifestation of Intention

When we start understanding the “cause and effect”, the cause is the intention and the effects are the consequences, we get to understand the concept of intention-manifestation. When you lack intent, you can go astray without meaning or direction (Wieder, 2011). All the forces in the universe can align to make the most impossible, possible. However, the manifestation of the impossible only happens must start with the intent.

Set your Intention Each Day

We are living in a difficult time. The economy is not so good. There is poverty all around the world. We see violence on television every day. They say it is not the right time to dream. They would speak out discouragements against the concept of dreaming. Mass media tells us that it is time to be realistic and to take off the rose-colored sunglasses. However, Wieder (2011) noted that without our dreams, all we are left with is our present reality.

While reality is not really so bad, there is a tendency to be trapped in the difficulty of the circumstance. Do not get me wrong. There is a need to be aware of reality. I am not telling you to be naïve and to turn a blind eye against what is happening in the world.

The power of intention roots from awareness. Thus, we cannot benefit from being oblivious of reality. We need to be aware of reality so we can design the most appropriate strategy to get to where we want to be. The challenge is for our plan to go around reality. The power of intention allows you the ability to overcome reality, even if it seems difficult or even impossible.

How Manifestation of Intentions Happen

You can set your intention each day. It can be specific. It can be anything you want. The key is to set it. This chapter cannot overemphasize the power that we can have when we know our intentions and when we set more intentions for ourselves.

When you set an intention and when you commit to it, amazing things can happen. Manifestations can also exist as a product of subconscious action. You will observe that you will notice a new light and the resources lining up for you, which you may not have noticed before you declared your intention.

Consciousness and Cause

If the actions that cause-effect are mere effects themselves, what is the real cause? The real cause is the decision you have made to create the effect. It is the intention. It can be the moment you said to yourself “Let it be”. More powerful, it is the moment you’ve said, “Yes God”, “Amen”, “Make it so” or “Your will be done.”

What your intent is and what your consciousness is described two almost different experiences. We see consciousness, in general, and what happens in the mind when it starts grappling with these fluids like in the brain and starts pulling together the nerve endings.

We see the brain triggering these connectors, where it starts to begin to build it into every cell in your body, that this is the consciousness that I am. To the point that everything on the outside of your environment is saying yes with the inside of your mind saying yes.

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