Thou Shall Recognize the Power of Words

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Thou Shall Recognize the Power of Words

Thou Shall Recognize the Power of Words

Do you realize the power of words?…

Words are used to communicate. A statement must be composed of feelings beyond words. You should be aware that every word that comes out of your lips is about what and how you feel about something. It reflects who you are. It is the life and spirit of life that will make other people conclude about your intention in what you are doing.

You may have faith. You may have the right intentions, but the words you use to reveal your intentions are important too. Using the right words at the right time is critical too. Your tone of voice must also be considered. For them to take the intention in a positive way and for other people to understand you, even more, you have to say the right words with proper intonation.

The wrong choice of words will make a right intention wrong. A wrong tone of voice will make the right intention
wrong. It is not just enough to have the right intention. You need to consider how you are going to say it. The right choice of words will make the person feel your concern, love or affection towards them. Your right intention must be turned into actions. Your actions will make the people see and feel what your intention really is.

The Power of Words of Affirmation

The affirmation of a word is like a prayer. But instead of praying to God, you are saying affirmations to yourself. It is
like praying to yourself. An affirmation of word is like a mantra. When you keep on repeating affirmation of words, you are getting more aware of it each in every day. The words retain in your subconscious mind.

An affirmation of word will show your flow of life. Even when negative things happen, an affirmation of word will keep you on track because you know your intention. It will always keep you going on focused on the goal that you want to achieve. You know what you want in your life. The words that you keep on repeating in your mind over and over will help you to focus on your intention and how you want things to happen. Your mind is where your intentions flow. It’s amazing to know how the words you keep in your mind affect your intention in your life.

It is hard to focus on the things that you want to achieve when challenges get hard each and every time. You have to find a way to make yourself not give up on what you are going through. Find people that can help you stay motivated. Think of the positive things that they said over and over. These may only be words that will come and go for others. However, these words might be something that will keep you going. This is how the power of words work.

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