A life without prophecy

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A life without prophecy

A life without prophecy

A life without prophecy is dry and unfulfilled. Without prophecy you cannot see clearly the path that the Lord has set for you. Look back to the scriptures and you will realize that during His life, Jesus too was a prophet. He spent His days talking to people about His father’s Kingdom and predicting the plagues that were to come. Although there were those that did not believe Him, not a single one of His predictions did not come true.

Those that doubted Him perished while those that followed Him received the blessings of His Father. A life without prophecy is like a life lived in darkness. Without hearing from the God that has created you, you are treading a confusing path without any guidance. You must seek to hear the Lord’s word and apply it in your own life, otherwise you will only be working towards a life that is empty and meaningless.

To Bishop Jordan Prophecy has become a great part of his life. Since His calling He has found the riches that the Lord has promised Him. And through hard work and commitment He has brought the gift of prophecy to a much wider community. His passion for prophecy has fulfilled him and brought him more than he has dreamed possible. Never seek to live life without being touched by prophecy. Allow the Power of Prophecy into your life and you shall grow in wisdom and understanding of your everyday situations. Instead of seeing everything in black in white, prophecy paints everything into bright colors and the world then begins to make more sense to you. CLICK HERE!

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