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Christian Prophecy

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”  Prov 3:5

By prophecy is meant the power to tell what will happen in times to come. In Christianity, prophecy refers to the ability to hear audibly from God through the inner voice, a message which ‘is thought to be divinely inspired information.’ With prophecy, God makes known to people the meaning of the past, present or future. Its purpose is always to warn, correct, inform, instruct, direct or to impart knowledge.

A Christian perspective on prophecy

When one hears the word the first think that comes to mind is the idea of someone predicting the future.  Periodically the inflammatory newspapers will run a cover story featuring Nostradamus or some other semi-modern prophet. In Charismatic Christian circles there are those with the “gift” of prophesy who will have a “word” for people in the congregation. It can seem like a Christian version of the local fortune teller.

Prophecy – Negative Effects

The reason for this is that they have some negative effects. Here are some of the negative effects of believing prophecies. They create a negative impression. It creates negative impressions in a way that if you believe in it, you might lose hope or resort into things which might affect your work or your family.

Prophecy – Prophetic Authority

We are in an accelerated season and God is shaking many of the structures of society within the nations. Government, financial, educational, economic and spiritual structures are being adjusted by the hand of God. Within the uncertainty of this season God is releasing His direction.


Some people mostly ignore Bible prophecy and miss out on its benefits—the biblical worldview, the motivation and the comfort it can give us. Concerning His prophetic teaching, Jesus said to “take heed.” Other people dwell too much on technical aspects of Bible prophecy like trying to figure out exact dates and neglect matters much more important like loving God and loving other people.

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