All Things are from, though, and To God

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All Things are from, though, and To God

All Things are from, though, and To God


The morality in the Christian life is not simply the will power to do things right it is because God has the authority to command them. Christian morality is the overflow of worshiping the sovereign merciful God. The Christian life is the fruit of a mind and heart transformed by seeing and savouring all sufficiency and sovereignty and mercy of God revealed in Jesus Christ.

Master Prophet E Bernard Jordan believes that God’s riches and wisdom and knowledge are unfathomably deep. Everything is dependent for its existence at it is beginning and the way long from Him and through Him.

The devil is not co eternal with Him; he is not ultimately independent of Him. His existence and all that comes from it, so much of the devil in the world depends on God’s willing him to exist and allowing him moment by moment to do what he does. God sees it coming and he permits it to happen. Since he does nothing aimlessly or capriciously there is always a purpose for what he causes to happen directly and what he permits to happen indirectly in that sense we can say that even the evil and the calamity of the world, all things are from him and through him. And this why God created the universe, this why He ordained history, this why He sent His son, this why we exist. Forever to see and show the glory of Christ who is image of God.

“Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.”(Romans 12:15)

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