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Christian Prophets Online

Christian Prophets Online

There are Christian Prophets Online.

God has setup christian prophets online, to give online prophecy. Your online personal prophecy will bring radical changes in your life.

“Keep my decrees and observe my laws and you will live secure in the land. The land will yield its fruit; you will have all you can eat and will live safe and secure. Do I hear you ask, ‘What are we going to eat in the seventh year if we don’t plant or harvest?’ I assure you, I will send such a blessing in the sixth year that the land will yield enough for three years. While you plant in the eighth year, you will eat from the old crop and continue until the harvest of the ninth year comes in.” (Leviticus 25:18-22)

What does the Christian Prophets Online Share with the People of God.

We cannot accomplish anything of meaning without Him. When we sin by going against His laws, we separate ourselves from Him. Thus, we distance ourselves from His power, making the possibilities very limited.

We must try to abide by God’s commandments if we wish to ever become successful and generate many great possibilities for ourselves.  We must also keep in mind that God’s law is fair and is meant to help us, not to hinder us. Everything He asks us to obey is for our own good.

Remember, all you need to do in order to create and accomplish good possibilities, is to follow and carry out the Will of the Lord. He knows what is best for you and it is only through Him that you can become fulfilled.

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