You Need To Get Into The Feeling For The Blessing

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You Need To Get Into The Feeling For The Blessing

You Need To Get Into The Feeling For The Blessing

The Holy Spirit says “It is time for you to get into the feeling for the blessing.”  


When you look in the Scriptures, you can see that Jacob had to wrestle with God until he received the blessing! The woman with the issue of blood had to feel the hem of Jesus’ garment in order to be made whole! Those required feelings!


The Holy Spirit is in the elevating business of Divine transformation by changing your destiny’s trajectory in the time of trouble. It is time to unlock the HARVEST of PLENTY that God has for you and your household.


The truth is you can’t afford to get caught up in looking at your circumstances, because the enemy will only stare back at you and say, “See, I’ve got you trapped in your feelings!”


Here’s why that is not a good thing:

  • When the enemy has you trapped in a feeling, it’s negativity.
  • The more you stay trapped in negativity, the more negativity you produce.
  • This affects your relationship with God as faith becomes absent!

Right now is your “HARVEST of PLENTY” SEASON and it is highly important that you get out of your feelings that have you trapped in a cycle of disappointment because you can certainly have what God has promised you.


You can have financial liquidity in abundance if you feel it.

  • You can have the house of your dreams
  • You can have the body you’ve always wanted
  • You can have the brand new car off the lot
  • You can have the relationship that fulfills you
  • You can have the promotion you’ve waited this long for

Therefore, you can demand your blessing right now with a feeling! Don’t you feel like you’re deserving of a harvest? Then begin to lift up your hands and shout, “O LORD, SEND NOW PROSPERITY!” 

The Lord says,



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