God Has Assigned A Problem For You To Solve Now!

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God Has Assigned A Problem For You To Solve Now!

God Has Assigned A Problem For You To Solve Now!

You may be wondering why some of the problems you experience either in interpersonal relationships or work keep occurring. Believe it or not, you have a problem that God has called you to solve! 


You may tend to repeat the problems, and sometimes you eventually start feeling hopeless, thinking it is just your flawed character, and there is nothing you could do about it. But the truth is your life can be seriously affected if you have a poor problem-solving ability.


Think about it. Happiness and success in life are often primarily determined by your problem-solving ability. Commonly, People who solve significant problems for others in life reap the reward of success, notoriety, and abundance! Blessed with abundance were Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Madam C.J. Walker who all solved problems for humanity! Even though Jesus went to the cross for our sins, He too, reaped the reward of eternal life for solving the problem of our salvation!


Psalm 92 Miracle is unfolding in your life even through the gift of wisdom because you have a problem to solve!


The Lord says,




It is important that you realize your destiny is often wrapped around the problem God has assigned you to solve! The question is, how do you discover the problem? Are you ready for the answer?


The Lord says first to recognize a problem exists. You need to be conscious that a problem is present before you can figure out what that problem is. Sometimes this is easier said than done. It’s easy to get complacent, to just accept that this is “the way things are.” 


Identify the problem. After you’ve recognized that things aren’t right, ask yourself why. What is the specific problem that’s leading to your unhappiness? Are there others who can identify? Once you’ve realized what must be done differently, you will discover where the discrepancy is lurking.


Diagnose the source of the problem. Next, discover why this problem exists. How did it start? Why does it continue? Why does it make people unhappy?


Brainstorm solutions. Now that you’ve identified the problem (and its source), it’s time to figure out how to solve it. That is the fun part. Come up with a list of ways you can help overcome the problem that’s been holding you and others back. From there, you can move on to creating the plan.


Formulate a plan. Once you’ve come up with a solution to your problem, make a plan to turn the dream into reality. How specifically are you going to implement your solution? What steps can you take today and tomorrow to solve the problem? Then you can write down concrete steps to take toward each of these goals. Write the vision and make it understandable! HALLELUJAH!


Take action. The last step is the most important. To solve any problem, you must take action. It doesn’t do any good to identify the problem, to brainstorm solutions, and to formulate a plan if you aren’t going to do the work necessary to make things right. God is going to give you more insight and resources because of your faith today!


The Lord says that Psalm 92 Miracle is moving you into greater responsibility because this is your time to elevate in Him concerning your destiny! You can no longer sit on the sideline and watch others perform!


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