God Gives Signs

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God Gives Signs

God Gives Signs

Signs and symbols are everywhere. Since ancient times, God has used different forms of items, rituals and events in order to stand for something of ethereal nature.

We use these symbols even nowadays. The color red, for example, stands for love, passion, or even rage and war. Flags stand for each country they represent. A dove is a sign of peace. These are just some examples of signs that have been commonly used throughout the ages.

As humans, we are sentimental beings. In our everyday life, we’d like things to make more meaning. In our quest for meaning, we constantly search for things of worth around us.

God has different ways of making things known to us and usually it’s through these symbols. His words come to us in different ways. When we need guidance in our lives, it is when He comes to us the most. It’s usually through a small, quiet voice inside us or a feeling that we get. It is how we get to know our true path.

The Lord gives signs to His people. In the Bible, we see Him helping people recognize His prophets as His legitimate servants by symbolism in the form of miracles. Moses is a great example. All the terrible wonders that happened during his time in Egypt was a sign that the Pharaoh should just let His people go. Another example is during the time of Noah. The rainbow was a symbol of God’s promise to Noah that the earth would never again be covered in water.

These signs are everywhere. We must earnestly seek God’s guidance in order to be able to recognize these symbols and affirm through prayer that these things are true.

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