God Knows Your Full Strength And Weakness

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God Knows Your Full Strength And Weakness

God Knows Your Full Strength And Weakness

Do you accept as factual God loves you? Do you accept as factual God appreciates you better than you appreciate yourself? Bishop Bernard Jordan wants us to take an excursion simultaneously and divulge two biblical separate someone characteristics who didn’t wish for to be employed by God, but He still persisted.

Moses, in the publication of Exodus in the Old Testament, was an Egyptian prince, then a shepherd, then conducted the Israelites out of Egypt. He was 80 years vintage when God called Moses for this last mission. But Moses didn’t wish for to get out of his solace zone. He was content being with the sheep, and he was frightened of Pharaoh, the chief of Egypt. Every time Moses came up with a recognized clear fault, God contradicted it. Moses was balloted into instrumentality and that was all there was to it.

The source God persevered is that He glimpsed the agreement of Moses to lead the people of Israel. God knew what Moses did not, that he was a large foremost but God had to force him out of his solace locality into a large challenge. He does this with us too. We may make all sorts of recognizes clear fault but in the end God positions us in a corner until we state “yes”.

In the publication of Judges in the Old Testament, we find a man authorized Gideon who was essentially aghast of his own shadow, o to speak. Yet the angel that came to converse to him called him a large warrior. Again, God glimpsed after the anxiety Gideon had, to the agreement for agency God likeable to use. Gideon commenced with thousands of warriors going divergent to possibly a million on the enemy’s for instance, but God had a distinct idea.

God whittled down the size of Gideon’s bearing arms detachment to 300 men. Wow! Can you envisage that! God was looking for to demonstrate to Gideon that diagrams don’t subject when God is on your side. Gideon went ahead with the assault and had a large triumph because he fulfilled in the face of his fear. Despite his timidity, he still fulfilled lastly and got a large-scale principle advance in the process.

Bishop Bernard Jordan asks you: Do you have anxiety in certain localities of your life? Is God prompting you to supervise certain thing magnificent but you are too aghast to try? Hebrews 13:5 states, “I will not ever leave from you or forsake you”. We can enumerate on that guarantee of God when we progress divergent to our uncertainties and recognizes clear fault and fulfill God instead. God appreciates your agree and will take you past those obstacles in your life, if you trust Him.

What localities of your life are impeded because of anxiety and other obstacles? Pray about them, and inquire God to show clearly you how to step out in principle and conquer them with His power and wisdom, not your own. He loves you, and will usually be with you no subject what when you trust Him. That’s His promise! Will you accept as factual it?

Bishop Bernard Jordan encourages you to tell about localities of your life that are impeded by anxiety and other obstacles. Has God been prompting you to step out in principle in these areas? Pray about it and then fulfill, and watch the blessings flow into your life.

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