God’s Gift – The Power of Prophecy

Your Free Written Prophecy will Give Direction

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God’s Gift – The Power of Prophecy

God’s Gift – The Power of Prophecy

The Power of Prophecy is a God-given gift that enables us to make wise decisions in our lives. As we grow older, we become bombarded with difficult life choices. Choices that will not only affect us, but the people closest to us. Are you being burdened with having to make life decisions lately? You written prophecy will guide you into making the right ones.

A Christian prayer for wisdom helps in making decisions (Shaw, 2009). Praying for wisdom before making a big decision in our life can make a difference. Sometimes we just turn out to weigh things on our own instead of asking for God’s wisdom, one factor that makes us decide on what we want because we don’t have the patience to wait for God’s answer.

In the Old Testament, Solomon asked for God’s wisdom to lead his people. God was pleased and He gave King Solomon the wisdom and knowledge that he asked for. I admire King Solomon’s humility in asking God that he needs his knowledge and wisdom in leading (II Chronicles 1:7- 12, NIV).

Decision making is hard for people especially if it involves or if it will have a major impact in our lives, we need to gather details of information to make sure that we are making a right decision. But no matter how much we want to have the right decision, if we did not ask God for His will, there is a big probability of making a wrong decision.

Save yourself the trouble and see what God has in store for you. Why make unsure decisions when you can make a sound, rational and God-given answer right now? Get your free written prophecy and receive wisdom from God. Make the right decision and speak to a prophet today. CLICK HERE.

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