How Do You Pray for Your Parents?

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How Do You Pray for Your Parents?

How Do You Pray for Your Parents?

Now, how do you pray for your parents? There are no rules in prayer. But these are among the areas that you can consider when praying for your parents. First is gratitude. How else can you thank God for giving you people to love, nurture, and guide you in life? You pray and thank God for giving you parents that accept you for who you are no matter what.

Second, you pray for your parent’s health. You do not have immortal parents. You have parents who grow old and weak as time passes by. A simple prayer of strength will have great impact in their lives. This is because prayer works miracles. This is the point – if God can heal diseases and bring the dead back to life then how much difficult is it for Him to give strength and good health to your parents?

Third, you pray for humility and patience. Just like you parents, you are also imperfect. You are a human with flaws and shortcomings. You are no saint to be able to tolerate everything about your parents. So you pray for God’s grace to give you the humility and patience of Christ to sustain you and enable you to fulfill the fifth commandment of God. You cannot perfect the law by yourself. No matter how hard you try, your flesh will lead you to dishonor your parents, so you must pray.

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