Listen to the Word of God

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Listen to the Word of God

Listen to the Word of God

God reaches out to you in different ways. Whether you decide to listen is entirely your decision. He reaches out to you hoping to guide you through the many crossroads you face. He wants to lead you closer to Him and His ultimate plan. The question is, have you made the decision to walk closer to Him?

Everything good that we see, feel, hear and experience on earth comes from God. He is the source of life and the reason for creation. It is only natural that people turn to Him for guidance. Only He is all-knowing. The Power of Prophecy connects us to His infinite intelligence. It links us to thoughts that are of a higher level than our own. There might be certain things that are beyond our of comprehension or understanding until God reveals it to us.

The Power of Prophecy can bring you to understand God in an intimate way. The prophet collect the clues and the words that God has left for you and puts them together in a way that will make sense for your future. A prophet can help you to understand the most perplexing questions in your own life.

If you want to understand the great gift of the prophets yourself you can enroll in the School of the Prophets where people gather to learn about how they can serve God. The School of Prophets isn’t only a place for those called to be prophets, it is also a starting ground for anyone called to other aspects of Christian ministry. Strengthen your connection with the Lord by becoming an active member of the Christian ministry. CLICK HERE!

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