Lord Grant Me Favor In Your Sight

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Lord Grant Me Favor In Your Sight

Lord Grant Me Favor In Your Sight

A prophetic rhyme I must share, as a Prophet of God. Lord, Grant Me favor in your sight.

“Thou hast granted me life and favor, and thy visitation hath preserved my spirit.”
(Job 10:12)

He showed me all the pain and plight; your enemies with all their spite. I knew I had to pray for you, so this is what He said to do…

Please, lift your hands where you may be, so we can touch and both agree.

I curse all those who fight and plot, against your wealth, your health and spot. For God has shed on you, His light. Lord, GRANT  FAVOR in your sight! Uncommon favor all around. Lord, plant your favor in the ground!

  • Favor in the sight of men.
  • Favor that will help you win!
  • Favor that destroys the yoke!
  • Favor that won’t leave you broke!
  • Favor high and favor low!
  • Plant your favor, let it grow!
  • Favor that will bring you light
  • Lord, GRANT YOU FAVOR in your sight!

I wrote this just for you. You must declare this one breakthrough…

“Dear Lord, VISIT ME upon tonight.”
“Dear Lord, please RELEASE ME from this plight.”
“Dear Lord, CUT DOWN those who want to fight.”

I spoke in tongues when I wrote this. The Holy Spirit’s in your mist. Don’t toy with it or think it vain because the Lord has made it plain.  Your victory is in this rhyme because God says, THIS IS YOUR TIME!

Don’t hesitate and don’t you fight, what God wants you to do tonight!

In 30 days, you will achieve uncommon FAVOR, just believe. Not 1 or 2 nor 4 or 8 (from my sacred list), did God reveal to have this weight. It’s you who God told me to write because you’re favored in His SIGHT!

You’ve cried and grieved. Asked to be healed…

  • Now God declares your plight is sealed!
  • Your enemies shall feel My hand!
  • Your elevation is My plan!
  • Don’t worry, you’ve been heard!
  • Believe My Prophet; trust My word!

The Bible says,

Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper. (II Chronicles 20:20)
The spirit of prophecy is upon me so strong as it was when I saw your name on my sacred prophecy list and wrote you this letter! I can feel your situation and I know what you’ve been dealing with because I’ve heard your whispers to the Lord in secret and God has revealed your internal cry…


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