No confusion with Prophecy

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No confusion with Prophecy

No confusion with Prophecy

There is no confusion with prophecy. We value truth in our life. Truth enables us to see good things and build stronger relationships with the people around us. There are times when we encounter the truth but sometimes the truth is confusing and we think that it is a paradox. Illiminate that with a prophetic word. Werner Erhard says, “The gates to the temple of truth are guarded by two dragons: paradox and confusion.” We know when something happens and we believe that it is a reality. But there are times that we get confused with the truth.A prophetic word will help guide you.  So we think that the truth can’t be true and we think that the truth must be wrong. Do not be deceived by paradox and confusion. There is a small voice that whispers in our ears that the truth is confusing and we do not want to believe it. How do you react when this thing happens? A paradox can be a distraction of your focus and belief in the situation.

Have you ever been distracted because of confusion? Dont be anymore. Join our mailing list for your prophetic word. The focus on our inquiry must be the paradox and confusion. Do not let yourself accept confusion and be distracted your whole life. Focus on finding ways on how to make things clear on your part. Do not allow confusion to rule. Even if you forget about the situation, still you will see yourself thinking of the truth. You always think of what is the real thing. Do not turn away from it. Make an effort to discover the truth. Nothing is more meaningful than living a life based on truth. There is nothing wrong when you experience confusion. You are not weird. It happens to everyone. A prophetic word will help clear things up in your life. What matters is you do not allow confusion to govern the situation. We can be puzzled by so many things. Just allow it to happen. Think of when paradox and confusion appeared in the situation. There must be something that triggered it. Maybe there was a time in the situation that you do not understand. Make an effort to find ways to talk to someone to enlighten your mind. Enjoy life. Everything will be clear at the right time. Just allow paradox and confusion to pass by. There is a time for everything when you are going to discover the truth. There is a right time when the confusion will be gone. The perfect time will come when the pieces of the puzzle of the situation will be fixed. Do not let confusion and paradox control you. Even if you are confused, maintain a positive attitude toward the situation. Just keep living your life the way you want to live it. Do not make yourself suffer because of it. Just relax, let it pass, and things will be clear at the right time.

I invite you to join our prophetic prayer list today so you can recive your prophectic word through prophecy. Don’t miss out on the prophetic word  all about your life. It’s time for action. Now is the best time. Don’t wait any longer. Don’t hesitate.   You’ve got an important decision to make. And the only thing that is stopping you right now is you.

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