Psychic reading vs. Prophetic reading.

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Psychic reading vs. Prophetic reading.

Psychic reading vs. Prophetic reading.

A psychic reading is made through heightened perceptive abilities. Conclusions are drawn from the extensions of the human senses. It is usually associated with the paranormal realm. Psychic readings put together specific information, social clues, existing perceptions of a person and proven facts to come to a conclusion. There are many types of psychic readings: astrology, numerology, palm reading and tarot reading are some examples.

Prophetic reading on the other hand gathers its information from the divine and relies on the power of prophecy in order to get a reading. Instead of examining what the eyes see and what the ears hear it looks into a seeing and hearing from God. The instructions that you gather from prophetic reading come from God. On that note they are instructions that generally lead you closer to God and to the positive values that He promotes.

The big question between prophecy and psychic readings is, which one lingers closer to the truth? When people get readings they are in search for answers. They want to gain insight on what they should be doing with their life at the moment. In a battle between the psychic and the prophetic, the later takes they cake. In God there is only truth and He is exactly what prophecy sources from.

A prophetic reading makes God its focus. This type of reading helps you to bring yourself closer to God and His wisdom. A prophetic reading will bring you farther than a psychic reading can. It offers you valuable information from a gifted prophet called by God. With a prophet, your success doesn’t come from the stars, the plants or the patterns that we see in the world, rather, it comes from the source of it all – God. Click here for your prophetic reading.

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