The next generation of prophets

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The next generation of prophets

The next generation of prophets

The master prophet, Bishop Jordan, has influenced and inspired many with his years of prophesying. He has enlightened many with what the word of God has in store for them. In the latest Prophecy News, a new generation of prophets is bound to be lead by his son, Manasseh Jordan.

Bishop Jordan’s son’s own birth was prophesized leading people to believe that his influence would be just as great as his father’s. This Prophecy News brings us to ask the question: how will he go on to shape the next generation of prophets?

Manasseh Jordan is a Christian ministers and speaker who seeks to bring accurate and helpful prophecies to people in Boston and even to those all around the world. With the new age of the internet, many websites, videos and material of his are beginning to help people in distant places. Bishop Jordan’s son shares his teachings online through songs, blog posts and instructional DVDs. Just like his father, he is a prophet that leads people to realize their inner potential.

The young prophet began ministering when he was just eight years old and since then underwent extensive training in understanding the Holy Spirit. He is said to have a very unique gift for calling people to action and motivating them towards their success. This bit of Prophecy News sets the new generation of prophets towards a bright start. CLICK HERE!

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