We’ve Pointed Them Out

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We’ve Pointed Them Out

We’ve Pointed Them Out

 Now’s The Time To Make Them Pay!

“But if I with the finger of God cast out devils, no doubt the kingdom of God is come upon you.” (Luke 11:20)

The Lord told me to tell you, that“sometimes, it’s better to give your devils the finger.”  I also gave you specific instructions to point your “Prophet” finger towards that person, place or thing and boldly begin to declare,


Now that you have done this in the precious name of Jesus’, it’s time to release the confirmation power of this action through faith because the Lord says, ” You’ve POINTED them out and now’s the time to make them pay!”

You may not know this however a recent study has concluded that pointing and naming is a basic practice of using communication to discern nature. Today, God is giving you the power to point and discern the nature of those who call themselves your family, associates and friends, yet are nothing more than your enemies hiding in disguise! Thank you, Jesus!

It takes a basic practice of faith (as your communication with God) to begin to activate the things you’ve been praying and believing God for in this season. God is calling your faith out today because…

  • It takes a basic practice of faith to point out a nature!
  • It takes a basic practice of faith to name a thing!
  • It takes a basic practice of faith to discern an enemy!
  • It takes a basic practice of faith to take a stand!

The Lord is pointing at you! Today, I have some specific instructions for you to follow to operate in your basic practice of faith. Today, I want you to take your “Prophet” finger (index) and point to the mirror below and picture yourself taking the action that is required to confirm your faith and declare unto the heavens, “Divine Payback is working for me!”

Say 3 times now


Look into your mirror of faith and begin to understand that a basic practice of faith can produce an elaborate sequence of breakthroughs in your life! I see your future boldly and brightly and I want you to know…

  • There’s payback for those who’ve robbed you!
  • There’s payback for those who’ve persecuted you!
  • There’s payback for those who’ve lied on you!
  • There’s even payback for those who’ve spoken against you!

If you believe the prophet as instructed in II Chronicles 20:20, I want you to Get Your Free Written Prophecy, because there are some specific days that you must be made aware of that will look strange to you if you don’t understand the season you are in! I must also release some specific instructions on utilizing your finger of prophecy to bring about extraordinary manifestation in your experience!

                       We’ve POINTED them out and now’s the time to make them pay!

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