You Produce Your Own Stories

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You Produce Your Own Stories

You Produce Your Own Stories

Start to produce your own stories? You have been given your own stories to produce. What are you doing with your own stories that God have given you?

To live in this world as a man is to live as a linguistic being. You exist in language. You are guided by language. Every moment of your life occurs in language. This is because language constitutes the totality of your being. Along with your emotions, moods, and physiology, language completes your humanness – your existence.

You participate in the world through language. You create interactions through language. You build your relationships through language. Remember how you met your best buddies? Remember your first exchanges of hellos and how are you? You met in language. Your friendship was established in language. Everything started and remains in language.

Through language, you are able to create your own stories. Language allows you to become the writer of your own life. Language gives you the freedom to express and produce your own book – your stories, your narratives, your being.

You live in stories as a producer. You write your stories as you live your life. Your stories are subdivided into three realms: past, present, and future. Your past stories are your experiences. These are things, events, and circumstances that happened yesterday. This is your history. What you ate yesterday is your past story. How you played the piano during childhood is your past story. Your past stories are the things which you cannot change anymore.

Your encounters today are your present stories. Everything that is happening now is in the realm of action. This is plain and simple. Whatever you are doing and experiencing right this very moment are your present stories. This is your life now. This is the present you. Your present stories are the only certain stories because you are facing it right now.

The things that you will be facing later are your future stories. These are your possibilities. Your future stories, unlike the past and the present, are all uncertain. Your future stories are bound to happen. You write your future stories mostly through your declarations, commitments, and promises. These are your proclamations.

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