Your Prayer Life

Your Free Written Prophecy will Give Direction

Your Prayer Life

Your Prayer Life


Get  a Free Written Prophecy, Get Your Prayer Life in order.

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall  abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” (Psalm 91:1)


Is there something that you are believing God for, but it just does not seem like it is going to work out for you? Do you feel trapped in a situation and ready to give up? Are you having days when whatever could go wrong, probably will? The enemy is good at trying to snatch your happy moments and turn them into regrettable events. It’s amazing how your day can start with the sun shining and the birds chirping and out of nowhere the rain clouds appear to hamper your day.

Life is filled with many unpredictable moments.  Just like popcorn, when the heat is turned up, the popping starts. The key to life is understanding that you will get overwhelmed from time to time, but you know how to recover. Let the enemy know that he may be able to throw a punch every now and then, but you will never be knocked out or defeated.


God Institution of a Prayer Life

God instituted prayer as a defense mechanism against the attacks of the enemy. There is a wave of God’s Glory that is about to take over your house. You have been anointed with the mantle of prayer for your family. Think it not strange that you are the go-to person when your family members find themselves in trouble. Why do you think the enemy has fought so hard to cause confusion in your family? The last three disagreements are prime examples of the enemy’s handiwork. But the enemy has grossly underestimated God’s plans for your family and the fight in you to protect them.

As your personal prophet, I want to encourage you to start preparing for the next level of spiritual warfare. Get your mind fixed on your desired outcome by getting yourself in position with the right prayer strategy. Your ability to stay focused on the task at hand will begin to remove the mountains and roadblocks that have held your family captive for decades.

Your ability to elevate your thinking when things are at their worse is a testimony to the hours you have dedicated in prayer. Your prayer life has opened up your vision to see beyond today’s obstacles and focus on tomorrow’s

Most Christian Actions in a Prayer Life

This may surprise you, but most Christians do not like to pray. God does not expect us to spend a lot of time talking about our needs during prayer. What causes your prayers to have tremendous power is focusing your attention on God’s possibilities, God’s power, God’s ability and God’s sovereignty.

Prayer opens the door… for you to have access to all that God has for you. that seemed to have been locked for years. and reminds the enemy that God never lost control of the

Your past is not an indicator of your future. Keep your DREAM alive! Keep your HOPE alive! Keep your DESTINY

I have a word in my belly from the Lord concerning your life. I need you to step into faith right now and and receive Your Free Written Prophecy Today!  I am ready to rush to you a powerful word of prophecy that will motivate and prompt you to stay on the path that God has chosen for you. Remember, PRAYER WORKS!

22 thoughts on “Your Prayer Life

  1. ivan says:

    you help me have relationship with jesus

  2. Lucas Onai says:

    My name is Lucas Onai from Ghana,
    Please, i want to know if i have calling from the God because within me i can feel it but i lack the direction and how i will go about it i will be more than happy jf you can direct me how to go about it.
    My second problem is that my family has nothing to write about call it a room to sleep in our home village and i believe its a curse for the family, please Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Major 1 help us break that curse so me and my siblings to have even a single to call our home in our village to the glory of God, thank you very much for you are sent from God to redeem this generation.Major major do something eyieeeeee power.

  3. Elizabeth Admasu says:

    My name is Elizabeth: you help me my life & family.

  4. Raichel says:

    I’m going through a fiery trial ….doesn’t have a idea where it vl end’s about my marriage ..I’m in a relationship since past 9 years and d guy is a child and believer of God. The issue is dat some of the prophecies revealing dat his plans and desire to marry me will no happen. V have taken dis matter seriously and fasted and prayed …but some prophets prophesied dat it vl happen and lead a happy life in Christ.I’m shattered..can u please pray for us..his name is Vava ….and let us know d will of god

  5. Theodora says:

    I want you to pray for me I’m struggling with finances it’s like is being hold by someone Im trying but no progress. The other thing I want to know the purpose of God with my life

  6. candice says:

    Good morning in Jesus Name! Wow! I receive the word in my life today.thanx for releasing this word to me.i thank God for this season that he has placed you in my life! I need direction also about my relationship. thank you for being obedient.this word is correct, I know your a true prophet, please continue to pray for me.You hav confirmed that I should pray for my family.

  7. Al says:

    I have been receiving personal written prophecy from you through my yahoo email but it has been shutdown now; thus, please send these prophecies to my google account

  8. benedictor says:

    My name is benedictor ndamase from south Africa I need prayers from the man of god.I love Jesus and I believe to god a lot but I can’t seems like something is holding me when I feel to life very its a mess.I’m decent job,no decent relationship,no marraige just have kids and I raise them by myself I’m really struggling.TB Joshua please pray for me.

  9. Sylvia (Sophia) Lewis says:

    There in absolutely no direction in my life. I am so lonely. I was mistreated in my marriage and got divorce in 2003. Al my children are now married, and I so much want somebody in my life that will love me and treat me with dignity. Somebody that will serve od with me….

  10. Samsudeen Abubakari says:

    Major 1, please pray for my sick mother who is suffering from stroke.
    Thank you Jesus, thank you Major 1

  11. Liina says:

    God to bless my womb with a fruit of womb

  12. cebile says:

    My honourable prophet Shepherd bushi…, I have faith and i thank God that i have reached my destination through Christ.I willing to know eitheet iam connected with God ot not because i used to pray for quiet a long time for finances BT even now I’m in debts I don’t have money to offer .I’m a Christian since 2007.prophet majot 1 I HV testimony that I prayed to have Christian husband he gave him to me 2013 but m not sure that is he real hubby because he is not working. He doesn’t have any future but I lv him so much.

  13. Ntokozo Ngcobo says:

    My name is Ntokozo Ngcobo I live in Johannesburg We have a problem me and my husband S’bonelo they are people in politics who want to kill us we are being followed please help and pray with us for financially freedom

  14. berhanu says:

    Am not feeling weel am sick I want help from god

  15. annie mason says:

    dear lucas onai, my name is annie mason presently writing for you a reply. i just read read it as so now about you said GODS call. one thing i know about on how GOD called us. if we have a name written on the book of life after death so it is been easy way to tell others that GODS called us to do his will. he maybe use his word to tell us from his mouth speaking directly on us. a mouth that is not lying and a lips whom speaketh not pervese thing but speaketh wisdom to reveal the truth between the bad. love lots………

  16. Kunung danat dikop says:

    Fantastic itwant to be a prayer warrior pls help me man of God.

  17. Aboloje peter says:

    I am blessed

  18. wanda says:

    Something is going on with my family. husband I and the kids do one of us have a family cruse .

  19. Duchess says:

    I need prayer

  20. Phumla rosey popane says:

    Prophet I would like you to pray with me for my road accident fund claim is delaying and pray for my offer of 2,5 million pray it must pay now August I want to pledge in your church account .

  21. Joyce says:

    Please do what you do best and help me know about my life

  22. Perlita says:

    I am one worker of our church.
    Im feeling weak this past few days pls pray for my healh. Also for my spiritual strength to continue to serve the lord. Also the finances of my family.. thanks God bless..

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