Bishop Jordan

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Bishop Jordan

6 thoughts on “Bishop Jordan

  1. xoli says:

    Will I ever get married if so when and will he rich and faithful

  2. prophet perkins says:

    i am in search of and answer concerning the ( mantel ) this what god as placed over my life and i was hpoeing that you might have some ensight on this and you would share with me and i also want youre prophet path books ok my address is ;; prophet c.l. perkins 500 – 111 street moore manor apts j- 63 amory , ms 38821 elder thomas gylenne has one he live in this city of amory ms i in search of and very deep rich elighten of prophetuc walk with god ,,

  3. charmaine koopman says:

    Hi Bishop i need a prophecy over my life please

  4. Omphile says:

    Prophet I need guidance to the life god chose for me

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