5 Things You Need to Know About the Prophetic Word

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5 Things You Need to Know About the Prophetic Word

5 Things You Need to Know About the Prophetic Word

Do you really know what is assessment is? Are you assessing your prophetic word. I have something I want to share with you.

Be careful in relying on assessments. Read through the following points and understand how assessments should be dealt with:

  • Make grounded assessments

Grounding—this means that the one who makes an assessment has made a commitment to provide the criteria where the assessment was based. When an assessment has ‘grounding’, we call that ‘an expert’ assessment because the one who has made the assessment is well informed in the evaluation criteria of that specific field of activity.  

  • Realize how assessments may limit your possibilities

Characterizations can shut off opportunities with other people. When you say, “I’m too lazy, undisciplined, or stupid” we also make expectations of ourselves to meet those characterizations. Though these judgments may not be true, our tendency is to produce excuses that give way for us to act competently based on our assessments of ourselves. In my e-book “10 Commandments of the Speech Act of Assessments” I wrote about the effects of ungrounded characterization.

  • Speak to transform your being

One great example of speaking that brought about transformation is in the life of Fernando Flores. Being a former minister of finance under Salvador Allende, Flores displayed considerable courage when he was incarcerated for a period of three years by the time Allende was overthrown by Pinochet in 1973. Rather than looking at being imprisoned as being a victim of his circumstance, he took the initiative to reframe his situation, making it a story of transformation—how his outlook was changed when he was in jail, how he appreciates communication, as well as looking at how building on trust and emotional resilience can bring about true power in our lives.  

Flores pioneered the new science of organizational transformation building on the proposition that conscious and engaged use of language enables one to create reality.

  • Understand how we perceive the world

Our possibilities are based on how we assess our situation. Without keeping a healthy assessment of ourselves, we cannot establish calls for actions that may bring us to a higher level of our lives’ situation.  We need to be engaged in a commitment paradigm that will invoke us to actions that will change our situation.

  • Know that problems exist in language

Problem is another of those things that exist in language.  It is an event that carries with it a negative interpretation. In reality, problems do not exist in substance.

The actions we do in response to the problems we face are dependent upon how we see things. For this reason, when one assesses that a problem is an indication that something is wrong, his behavior follows accordingly. The solution that may be of great help is to re-distinguish problems. In order for one to see breakthroughs ahead of him, he needs to see problems in a brand new perspective.

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