Achieving the Peace of God

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Achieving the Peace of God

Achieving the Peace of God

When can you achieve the peace of God? One of the benefits of being justified by faith is having peace with God through His son Jesus. God was once not pleased with His people because of disobedience. But Jesus paid for the price, and this is the benefit we get from accepting him as Lord and Savior. God’s justice towards us is already satisfied.  

Some were not aware that God gave His wrath on His people when they disobeyed Him. There is a battle between God and His people. It is through Jesus that redemption was attained. In fact, Jesus is our peace. The Bible was clear that we have peace with Jesus, not with the devil nor with the flesh. Sadly, nowadays, some Christians are tempted to believe that the battle between them and God are still not over so, they chose to continue their sinful nature.

Look at your views. Which one do you believe in: God is battling with you, or He is already done with His wrath? Hate sin and love God. When you hate sin, you become a God-loving soul. God favors those who turn their back on sins.

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