Advancing to the Kingdom of God

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Advancing to the Kingdom of God

Advancing to the Kingdom of God

When you talk about the Kingdom of God, the orientation of the perspective is general. The Kingdom of God pertains to heavenly beings, the body of believers, and the citizens of the New Heaven. The work of the church is all about advancing God’s Kingdom. Everything that God is doing is about making His Kingdom known. It cannot be compartmentalized.

Jesus talked about a universal church. Jesus includes all of the saved, both the living and the dead. From this orientation, we need to understand that there is only one church. The universal church is called the body of Christ. There is only one body; thus, there is only one church. Most of the time, we get so caught up with being a member of our local church that we cannot find the unity in the body of Christ. We hear of church divisions here and there because of a specific-oriented mindset.

Local churches are also competing against each other. Congregations want to be mega-churches. They are more interested in whose having more members, rather than if they are truly advancing the Kingdom of God. You hear congregants saying to people in other churches, “Our church is better than yours. Our pastor is funnier; you should transfer to our church.” This is a classic example of viewing the church from a specific orientation. The danger is to plant seeds of division in the body of Christ. However, if we see the bigger picture, we see that there is only one church, which is simultaneously the “Kingdom of God”. Local churches must serve the purposes of the Kingdom of God, which is the chunking up principle.

Local churches have unique missions that ultimately serve to advance God’s Kingdom and to glorify His name. Some can be called towards the cause of abused women; some are called to train up prophets; some are called to train up apostles, and so on. However, ultimately, it will boil down to advancing the Kingdom of God. Each person has a specific call, but we are all working for one general purpose, which is to honor God and to advance His Kingdom.

29 thoughts on “Advancing to the Kingdom of God

  1. Yusia koul says:

    Predict my future relating career and love relation

  2. owen chilinda says:

    Financial breakthrough

  3. chidinma nwaobilor says:

    academic breakthrough

  4. Irene Omonkhegbele says:

    Happy new year daddy god bless you am watching you live here in Lagos am one of your daughter I love you your God will remain my god forever. I am a young widow at age35 daddy I need your prayer over me and my children and am believing god for a job in efcc here in Lagos I know that your god can do all thing and he will do it for me thank you daddy god bless you

  5. Omphile says:

    I don’t know what to do to be as god want me to be

  6. Nwankwo Temple kelechi says:

    I need an urgent political breakthrough… Pls pray for me

  7. tionge says:

    i like it

  8. Simbarashe Sabau says:

    hello.. please remember me in your prayers for the grace of a godly marriage covenant as well as financial breakthrough. thank you in advance..shalom!!

  9. Sibongile Simelane M. says:


  10. Sheba Lubat says:

    Good day brethren in Christ Jesus . Need your prayer that God will bless me through his word tonight for sharing his goodness and faithfulness to every believer . Prayer request For the anointing of the Holy Spirit to guide me through his word and give me wisdom and knowledge too, and lastly to empower me with boldness and love towards him ,let his will be done in my life.may his Name glorify in all our lives. Message of God for me tonight is about “life is temporary assignment . Verse 2 Cor 4:18…praying all is well in Jesus name by faith . I recieve the victory through Christ Jesus.thanks in advance . Mark 11:24 therefore whatever you ask for in prayer believe you will recieve it in Jesus name. Thank you so much God bless us all as we continually serving him in all aspects of our lives. Shalom

  11. […] we all be not weary to strive to build up the kingdom of God here on earth, for sure is our reward in His kingdom in heaven. Share […]

  12. My brethren the word means a blessing in my life.

  13. We the children of the Most High GOD is greatfully blessed through the Salvation of thine only begotten Son of god, jesus christ. Everything we have belongs to the father, the Son and the Holy ghost. He will never leave us, nor forsake us. We proclaim the KINGDOM of God is for those that believe in love: God is love, love is pure and love is love for Advancing the kingdom of holiness, righteousness and gloriously, is our victory at it’s best for everyone who seek the kingdom of god; our names is written in the book of life, we are the children of the only true god, there is no one like our god: there is no other gods, beside our god, hallelujah and amen

  14. Tichafa mtambanadzo says:

    I need financial breakthrough and healing through deliverance

  15. wilson chikwaka says:

    man of god please help me my life is crumbling around me

  16. Julius says:

    Wisdom made king Solomon to be with God. Make wise through prayers. I love God and his son .

  17. Gladys says:

    Man of God help am just but am nobody every were please I need your help

  18. Abraham says:

    Please help me pray…am expecting a blessing…i what my expectation to come to pass…that any power or any person standing against that expectation they plan will destroy.. in JESUS NAME me pray

  19. Adeke Judith says:

    Academic break through, twins in my life, good health, good job and help me predict my future family break through pray for my daughter Shanita aujo have good health speak well put her lips well

  20. Nicholas samba says:

    hello man of God,please pray for me for good health, financial breakthrough, great future,good academic and prosperity

  21. Mangella maur says:

    God of major one i pray for healing in my family especially my knees and cannot smell anything since birth. Please pray for my family my children education so they can do well in school. Also papa i pray for a house and my job in Jesus name amen..

    • letta says:

      Hello man of god Please pray for me good life education my job ,my children education my sister and brother my parent and my family in jesus name amen

    • letta says:

      Hello mam of god please pray My good life education my job My children and my family in jesus name amen

  22. Martha says:

    Man of God Pray for the restoration of my life and Healing and for breakthrough in my life.

  23. Harry Sinkhonde says:

    Prophesy To Me

  24. Edward says:

    Prophet l declare academic breakthrough in Jesus Mighty name Amen

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