Believe in the Power of Prophecy

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Believe in the Power of Prophecy

Believe in the Power of Prophecy

Bishop Jordan, known to many as the Master Prophet has been practicing prophecy for more than 30 years now. He has changed the lives of people through his specific and accurate prophecies. His life’s work also involves setting up the Zoe Ministries as well as the School of the Prophets among other accomplishments. When he first began his ministry, he had the goal of developing and training 300 prophets. After having achieved that goal, Bishop Jordan now seeks to bring prophecy closer to the world.

For those that have yet to be exposed to the wonders of prophecy, it might seem like much of a mystery. How can the ordinary words of a man change the lives of so many people? How can these revelations be so eerily accurate? For those that are skeptical, it might seem as though it is all too good to be true. The fact is that the miracle of prophecy is truly out of this world. It is not the words of man that fuels it but rather the word of God Himself.

The word of God is what brings life to Prophecy. People are brought to realize their full potential and the life that the Lord has planned to them through prophetic revelations. Believe in the power of prophecy and allow it to start its work in your own life. Bishop Jordan invites all of you to see for yourselves what the word of God seeks to tells you. Do not reject the call of the Lord to bring you towards a better version of yourself today. CLICK HERE!

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