Believe in the Words of a Prophet

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Believe in the Words of a Prophet

Believe in the Words of a Prophet

The Power of Prophecy is great. Through prophecy you can discover the potential that is within you. Put your trust in God and allow Him to reveal to you what He has in store for you. Some might be skeptical of what a prophet is really capable of but what you have to focus on is that fact that God’s word comes through them.

Each prophet has his own style of relaying the message. A prophet is a teacher who inspires people through the Spirit. He understands the divine law and instructs people on what God commands. Through the God-given gift of prophecy, prophets are able to unlock truths that reside in the very mind of people.

If you recall the story of Noah in the bible you must remember God’s warning of the flood. If Noah had not listened to the Lord he would have perished along with the rest of the world. Noah acted like a prophet in trying to warm people of the great flood that was to come but they did not listen. Today, we are asked to heed the word of the prophets and seek out a better way of living. The power of prophecy is evident in all parts of our lives. In whatever you are currently focused on, prophecy can bring you to a better understanding of it. Put your faith in the hands of a prophet for he understands the word of God in the context of human life. It is through the words of a prophet that you can access divine guidance. CLICK HERE!

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