Communication and your Relationships

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Communication and your Relationships

Communication and your Relationships

There are a great number of people who have so much trouble moving on from their past relationships and living in the moment because they have not found it in their hearts to forgive those who have wronged them in their past relationships. They carry their resentment around like baggage that prevents them from living freely in the present. When people have been wronged in their past relationships, they tend to have a hard time letting it go. Their resentment causes them to remain in the past in such a way that past hurts and anger are held on to, and plague the present moment with negativity.


Those who cannot let go of their resentment from past relationships are actually causing more harm unto themselves, than to the actual people who have wronged them in their past relationships. They carry their resentment with them and allow it to affect the way they make decisions and perceive things. For example, a woman who has been wronged by her ex-boyfriend and is unable to forgive him. She may never enter into other relationships again because her resentment causes her to feel only contempt towards other men. Thus, her past hurts are affecting the way in which she perceives men and relationships, as well as the decisions she makes involving the matter. We must try to forgive the people who have hurt us, if not for them, then for our own peace of mind. Holding on to grudges and anger will only do more damage and will make moving on from the past impossible. It may be hard to forgive one who has caused immense pain, and it is not expected of us to forgive right away. However, we must at least try to take steps every day that will lead us to healing and to the eventual letting go of resentment from the past. Do not hold a grudge from past relationships or try to take revenge. Know that forgiveness is the only way to find resolve from being wronged, and that you will come out a stronger and better person afterwards.


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