It’s Time to Defeat and Overthrow the Enemy of Deception

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It’s Time to Defeat and Overthrow the Enemy of Deception

It’s Time to Defeat and Overthrow the Enemy of Deception

Did you know the enemy of deception wants to stop you from receiving your blessings? 


You are being elevated and the enemy wants to steal your blessing that will stop at nothing to keep you from experiencing it. The enemy wants to use deception to confuse you. There were many who have fallen by the wayside and missed their hour of visitation due to getting caught in the trap of deception. 


Do you know what’s amazing about this? You will not be caught in that trap. Your faith in the Lord protects you from the enemy of deception. It prevents you from experiencing an emotional disaster. 


The enemy wants you to begin to worship other idols such as your job, your desires, your career and even certain individuals whose lives you desire to emulate. This cowardly trick of deception is nothing new to the enemy. He tried to do this same trick on Jesus while Jesus fasted in the desert!


The enemy of deception offered Jesus the world, if He would bow down and worship him. Yet, Jesus didn’t fall for this tactic because He had the word of the Lord living inside of Him.


Right now, shout out “My Father, My Father” and give God praise. Like Jesus, you will not fall for the enemy’s trick. 


Follow these three steps for you to defeat the enemy of deception: 


STEP 1: When the enemy of deception attempts to lead you into a mental conversation that depletes your faith and trust in God, immediately stop and change the frequency! Remember the prophetic words that were spoken over your life, that have already come to pass in the face of adversity. More importantly, grab your Bible and read the re-assuring word of the Lord!


STEP 2: Dismiss any and all gossip that invokes negativity. All gossip isn’t bad, especially when you are repeating useful information that can help someone. However, if the conversation yields negativity, belittlement, resentment and/or envy, immediately change the subject or disengage from such conversation because it will steal your joy.


STEP 3: Pray in the abundant spirit of gratitude. It is the most simple yet most effective way to recognize God in your life. Deception can’t penetrate God’s goodness when you are thankful, because you become clear to the Divine appearance of God’s goodness in your experience.


“Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.”

(I Corinthians 15:33)

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