When you’re a doer of the word, you are led into new beginnings

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When you’re a doer of the word, you are led into new beginnings

When you’re a doer of the word, you are led into new beginnings

If you are a doer of the word, you will be led to new beginnings. Believe it or not, there are several people who are looking for you for directions and instructions. You may not notice but in your subtle ways, you are able to be an inspiration to these people. 

Here is why I know that God is getting ready to take you further in 2020…

There will be several individuals looking for your direction and instruction in 2020! God is calling you to a greater place of responsibility because as you continue to be a DOER unto My word, I shall lead thee into NEW BEGINNINGS of prosperity, health and Divine transformation! You will also be a living beacon of My glory for others to witness My authenticity, saith the Spirit of the Living God!”

It is not a surprise that some moments are impossible to feel inspired on your own but if you set your mind to move forward you will never get lost. The word of the lord is enough to feel light and grace. Always show the best version of yourself and people will follow. Inspire others by expecting the vast majority of them. 

The majority of us will ascend to the desires for the individuals who trust in us. Discover motivations to have faith in the individuals around you, and convey your exclusive requirements. Support them and let them realize that you have confidence that they will accomplish what they set out to do. Enthusiasm is something you should be happy to express in the event that you need to inspire others.

The Holy Ghost is still speaking through me! Right now, I decree and declare that as you continue to be a doer of the word, you shall become a LEADER of the word and you will begin to DRAW ALL MEN UNTO YOU whom will replenish your supply! Hallelujah! That isn’t all…

The Lord also told me to tell you that you will witness the fall of your enemies because the Lord is about to elevate you in their presence and they will become your followers! WOW and WOW!

When you’re a doer of the word, you are led into new beginnings. Aren’t you happy that you’re recognized as a DOER of God’s word today?

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