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I want you to sit down and take a deep breath. The anointing that is on your life is the reason for all of the chaos that is going on in your life. The anointing is so strong on your life that it is causing the enemy to use every weapon that he has to stop you or slow you down. The enemy understands that if he can stop you from praying, you will believe that what God promised you will manifest.

You are entering into a season where you really need to seek the Father’s face in prayer. This is not the season for you to give up on your dreams!  I don’t care what it looks like, your dreams MUST LIVE!

All things are possible with God. Allowing the prophet into your life will cause you to keep hope alive and bring your dreams and the plan of God for your life to full manifestationYou just have to BELIEVE!

“Then what did you go out to see? A prophet? Yes, I tell you, and more than a prophet.” (Matthew 11:9)

2 thoughts on “DREAMS LIVE!

  1. mxaso sizile says:

    I’m having lots of scary dreams

  2. Noviwe gudla says:

    Bless me my lord with love and light .yrs light must shine upon me day and night. I ask a successful life full of blessings in my business, let it go everything that is no longer saving me, I have so many debts that I am unable to pay help me because when I think about then I can’t sleep at all give me the key my lord how can I handle the situation of these debt, indeed your help my lord, my business is poor now. Amen.

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