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Find yourself

Find yourself

In a world with so many choices and so many distractions it is difficult to stay focused on forming your own personality. With so many influences around you, it can be difficult to stand up for your own values and opinions. It is important that throughout your life you develop a strong commitment to who you truly are. Make it a point to define yourself and truly understand what you want out of life. Through the twists and turns of your career, always make sure that you are centered in God.

Seek God all the days of your life and you will be properly guided. The question now is: Who do you think you are? God equipped each and every person with a specific purpose in life. What do you think that purpose is for you? Could it be something that you are already currently pursuing?

In order to serve the Lord well you must find a deep understanding of your own wants and needs. You must be thankful for the person that He made you to be and be appreciative of the blessings that you are given. Each and every one of us is perfect. Do not allow the media or anyone else to define what you should be. Take your life into your own hands and proud of the person you are today. With a Free Written Prophecy you can take a peak into the life that God has intended for you. A Free Written Prophecy will expose to you the truths within your own self. Bishop Jordan, the Master Prophet, found himself as he journeyed towards fulfilling his prophetic mission. It was God that chose him to spread the word through prophecy. Bishop Jordan tells us that we can find completeness in the word of God. Through a Free Written Prophecy you too can understand what God’s word means in your own life.  CLICK HERE!

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