Finding your true purpose

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Finding your true purpose

Finding your true purpose

Life is a winding road full twists and turns. It can be a confusing, difficult and mysterious journey but it is definitely worth it. The one factor that makes life worth living is the purpose that you believe you have. Without having a purpose, nothing in the world seems real. You might even catch yourself responding, “Why bother.” whenever someone asks you to help around your community. Without purpose we are lost and nothing in the world has real meaning. Without understanding your purpose there is no sense is doing what’s right – there is only sense in doing what you want.

This is why the Lord wishes that we might come to know our true purpose. When you actively seek the guidance of the Lord you will find answers that will change your entire perception of reality. In finding your purpose you must turn to Prophecy. It will reveal to you the meaning of the Gospel in the context of your own life. Knowing what you have been made to do is an important part of your journey. When you seek to fulfill the word of God your path is changed forever and your purpose is set aflame. Thats the Power of Prophecy.

Bishop Jordan, the Master Prophet asks all of us to turn to the healing ways of Prophecy. There is no better way to understand the life that God has paved for all of us. Bishop Jordan urges the community to allow the gift of Prophecy to touch their lives and bring them back to the purpose that God has assigned them. Once your life goals are clear to you, you can begin your journey with a fresh perspective and meaning in your every action. CLICK HERE!

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