Free Prophecy is different from Psychic reading

Your Free Written Prophecy will Give Direction

Free Prophecy is different from Psychic reading

Free Prophecy is different from Psychic reading

There is a big difference between what a prophet can tell you and what a psychic can. When we talk about seeing into the future, people often imagine a gypsy woman with her hands hovering above a crystal ball or an old lady flipping and reading tarot cards. These practices cannot provide the fulfillment that prophecy can. They are often simply guesses and generalized advice. Prophecy on the other hand is specific. A prophet can tell you about your own future based on the word of God. It is something that is unique to your own experience.

Another difference that Prophecy has over Psychic reading is that there is a defined and cohesive purpose in Prophecy. That purpose is to fill the world with righteousness by employing the teachings of God. Prophecy is a far richer practice than any other future-telling practice. It does not invent a future but rather, it reveals the future that has already been promised by the Lord. This makes Prophecy far more accurate, relevant and reliable than Psychic reading or any other similar practice it might be mistaken for.

“You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus you will recognize them by their fruits.“ (Matthew 7:16-20, ESV) CLICK HERE!

169 thoughts on “Free Prophecy is different from Psychic reading

  1. monne says:

    Can i get a clarity on my love life how,when ànd where will I meet him also is he having a good financially. Will I get work

  2. Ann Ventet says:

    Not sure if we must move or not. Are we going to sell the business? Will we have enough money to live on when we retire?

  3. Jeffrey Rogers says:


  4. Bongani says:

    i need help about to reach success in life please.

    • Juliet says:

      How can I make it in life

      • esthersamuel says:

        Am Esther any relationships I find myself seems not to work out and am not getting any younger

      • Oni kemj says:

        You would make it in life by 1. Surrendering yourselve to Jesus 2. Cutting off those weight that make you sin easily 3. A personal fellowship with him, Jer33 he said we should call on him and he would answer. 4. Practice all kingdom rules… Love your neighbour,.give to the poor, pay your tithe, sow seed in the house of God, sow seed to the needy… With all this you’ll indeed be at peace of mind and fulfilled

    • barbara says:

      Good Day my husband and myself are facing a high cort case with is cosionwill we win the case and what do the funch holds for us as we are pensions thanks

    • A j abiodun says:

      I am into debts which l don’t even known to pay back telling on me financially

    • Solomon says:

      I cry to my father to give me more understanding about his words I want to be like Jesus in my heart, I want God to take away shame and reproach out of my life and my family in Jesus name Amen. Thank you lord.

  5. Shay young says:

    I want to know when will i be pregnant with my second child.?? Me and my son to be husband been trying.??

  6. Raymond says:

    Can you help me with luck

    • Mamoloko says:

      I was divorced in 2014,ever since that time I am unable to find another man, those that i met we always have problems and I think now I have lost hope, at work as well there is no good relationship with colleagues, my kids are problematic since their father left us.seemingly everything is out of hand I’m not enjoying anything in life,please help me man of God

    • Benedicta says:

      I like all what you have in you book i read and understand all thank you for having all the massage

    • Beverley says:

      Problem in being loved understood and have problems with my two step children after taking care of them for the last ten years I had to leave and was gone to my mom and grown up son to take care of me for 8 months I got a rare disease and got back now want to split up my marriage to there farther I now feel that they only used me then when I was the bread winner now that there father I is earning a good salary they
      are 17 and 18 still schooling I am forgiving fir there actions seen that they know not what they are doing they seldom go to school and think that we dint know they are on drugs I cant and don’t say anything I only do my day to day chores and look forward in seeing my loving husband that only returns every fortnight from working these kids are swearing me and do and say what they want I am praying for changes

  7. Tebogo says:

    Can u help m with luck

  8. Johannes Sizwe Khumalo says:

    Can you pleass helpe with love
    And luck please.

  9. vernon mayes says:

    I’m tryin prophecy first time I need to know all about my life,love,work

  10. Rudi says:

    I want to what my future hold on for me please

  11. Rudi says:

    I want to what my future hold on for me

  12. Nompumelelo says:

    I would like a reading as im going through a lot right now that is confusing me.

  13. pieter says:

    Please help me with luck, health, finance and love


  14. Margaret Van Dyk says:

    Dear sir please help me will i meet a good guy who will be there for me and my boy. His father re-married and don’t see him anymore ni ohone calls no visits, my boy is hart broken. Please help will his father open his eyes?

  15. beulah Delange says:

    I hve prblms in my relationship wth my husband..can u tell me why

  16. Eldrin says:

    Can you help me with love

  17. Nonku says:

    I’m having marriage problems, I need help.

  18. Carlyn says:

    Can you please help me with money and love

  19. ansa says:

    What ca you predict for Me

  20. Thandi Kheswa says:

    Can u pls prophesy about my financial and love life

  21. Annita patiswa says:

    I need to know about my love life

  22. Samantha says:

    Please advise or help with luck and will power to persuade dreams.

  23. coleen daniels says:

    hi, I woukd like to know what my future holds with regards to my marraige, will we be happy and get through this rough time and be happy together, wil we have any kids s we are married for 10 years and have no kids due to complications. I woukd also like to know wht my proffessional future looks like.
    eagerly awaiting a response. thank you.

  24. yasmin essop says:

    Hi my name is yasmin.i ve been binded with luck money love all i ever have now for 5 years is bad luck.want to start the new year fresh with some luck an hapiness

    • Joy nxumalo says:

      Can yu prophecy for my family! We are going through serious financial challenges. My daughter is prayibg for the fruit of the womb please pray with her!

  25. hannah nkosi says:

    Free prophecy on myself

  26. Barbara Cline says:

    Why doesn’t my man want to fall in love with me.

  27. Tshidi says:

    Yes I’m ready to receive what God wants to tell me through you Amen

  28. lebogang says:

    Pls tell me about my life iam struggling to get ajob

  29. Bobby jagmohan says:

    Need financial luck

  30. surprise skhosana says:

    hi my name is surprise skhosana
    I would like to know if you dream a lady with the clothes of traditional healers what is the meaning and dreaming i was sick then at the church they said to others they must not come inside and amongst those people I was the but they called me to get inside and I saw my big brother and he looked at something then he mentioned the numbers but I remember two of those numbers out of I don’t know they were how many what is the meaning and if u dream someone counting the money but the are plenty of R2.00 what is the meaning of that also

  31. ebrahim says:

    help with luck and love

  32. Gusdalupe Maldonado says:

    Im going threw some heartchip can you place give me insight well things change for the better before January 30.:( 🙁

  33. patricia moyo says:

    Financial problem and love lucky prophet

  34. amanda says:

    Want to know about my near future please

  35. tshephisho says:

    I wanna khow about my love life and my future as a whole. will I get a good job. when or is it far or in no time. I’m I leaving a good life or is there anything that need to be changed in other to get where I wanna get.

  36. Melissa says:

    I would like to know what the future holds for my love life, mostly will there be a reconciliation with the man I’m still in love with

    • Anwar hossain says:

      loving matter is secret thing. it could not be flashed to any other person. if you flash it the interest and attraction will be terminated with flashing instantly. I love a girl, I never express my matter to any of my friends circle.

  37. fabian says:

    Hi my name is Fabian Roberts my wish is just to get a batter job to provide for my family and to be very hardworking but stil praying for something better in general work

    • Anwar hossain says:

      I am passing a comment for you. It is understood that you are meritorious person, because none can try to obtain good job. You will try and try and will study for obtaining good jobs. It is general matter that we depend on god for every thing who distribute us our works and duty in the world, if God satisfies you will get the best job. If you earned the education qualification you have to pray to God to obtain a good job.

  38. tatenda says:

    I would like to know what my future holds and if i should stay with my current love and which job to take

  39. Maganga says:

    I would like to know what my future holds and interpretations of dreams. I was dismissed from work last year for suspected fraud. Lately, I have been dreaming meeting my former bosses and don’t understand what that means. I also dream of snakes often of late. Could you interpret these for me as well.


  40. Patrick says:

    I am happy to know that there is now a genuine awakening in these times about the real Israelites! I have been researching, and I like every ounce of what I am learning. For too long now black people have been cheated out of our true heritage!!! Shalom!

  41. Agu Stephen says:

    I love this site

  42. Neville baillou says:

    Never give up..

  43. segun says:

    believe in god and all shall be well with you.thanks

  44. Mao says:

    Pray for me and prophesies me

  45. Binoh setsiba says:

    What an encouraging site

  46. Prakash.j says:

    I love my India

  47. Md Aminul Hoque says:

    I am a Bangladeshi how are you. Congratulations.

  48. Douglas says:

    Lets see

  49. Venerable ThankGod Okwuchukwu Ndubuisi says:

    I know that there is fake or false prophets and there is also true prophets .
    We shall believe the word of the true prophets of God So that it shall be well with us.

  50. Please sir I need to know things about my relationship and job.what does the future hold for me am still single

  51. Emanuel says:

    Hello sir. I would like to know about my relationship

  52. Boniface Nnamdi Oputa says:

    Please, i just want to know my future, and my relationship with God.Boni


    have a financial problem, can you plse tell me whats wrong with me?

  54. sugamummy says:

    Please help me, my future is looking scattered. Untill i saw your advert i did not know what to do. Tell me my prophecy so i can know what to do. Thank you

  55. Ama says:

    pls am married but there is always fights as at now my husband is not talking to me pls I want to know if I made a wrong choice or not

  56. Albert lewis Nyamekye yeboah says:

    I want to travel to the uk. I want to know if I am taking the right step and whether god is in support of it. Thank you!

  57. Malihaarshad says:

    Hey, for a very long time we’ve been hoping to shift back to Islamabad, the capital and buy our own house and not on rent. But it gets jinxed. I can’t go to university due this not unless we shift. Can I possibly shift this month or this year?

  58. Ajay gupta says:

    This is very important to for knowledge and so good info

  59. gertrude says:

    how is my future like. things keep moving from bad to worst.

  60. Nonjabulo says:

    Hi, recently finished studying towards a degree in bachelor of commerce and i have applied in various places…what i want to know is that will i find any job soon?

  61. skua says:

    I need real love in my life and my everything

  62. skua says:

    I need real love and my everything am a good girl honey I am looking for married

  63. yusuf fofanah says:

    Hi I recently got wedded and after a week I got into a fight with my wife….we both hot tempered but am trying to let go off my temperament …….I love her so much…….I don’t want to fight with her again no mater what…how can I do that.

  64. divine says:


  65. Eddy says:

    I want to know about my love life…I need true love…I also need luck as always part of me …financial breakthrough from my parents to me…av been dreaming of money each day…I can’t understand where this money is??

  66. ray says:

    I want to understand my dreams. I want god to reveal to me the church (denomination) I should fellowship with.

  67. Simone says:

    I want to know what my future I. Love looks like.

  68. John says:

    Pls my problems is how to save money. Pls help me God bless u.

  69. JAGVIR SINGH says:


  70. Jenifer says:

    How to remove my tension?
    Please tell me the way to get release from tension.

    • Jenifer says:

      I am waiting for your reply.

    • Anwar hossain says:

      If you want to free from tension you have to take rest, you will not think what you have lost, you will not imagine to obtain all things, you will honor all senior to you and affectionate to junior, you have to give the nation and people around you, they have right to obtain something from you, if you think always to obtain all things, it is unjust matter, because you have to preside over life by giving something to the nation and neighbor. You will think about present matter, you will not think about future & past matter, only you will think about the present matter. Know, you are a creature, you are not creator, if you are a creator you can solve your problem. So, you will not think about such matter you could not solve or obtain.

  71. Olumide says:

    Good morning

  72. Olumide says:

    Good morning how was your night

  73. Ssekabira says:

    I want to know what? Is next in my life
    And what is my vision

  74. sinonani shumba says:

    i want devine intervention in the area finances, job and marriage

  75. nirmala says:

    wishing something good

  76. joe says:

    To know which direction God want for me in 2018

  77. Rabinder Pal singh maan says:


  78. Ndonge Evaristus ebule says:

    More progress for me

  79. nkiso says:

    pray for me prophet.

  80. akwinga stella awawing says:

    akwinga stella
    prophet please help me in the area of my financial and love live and also how my future will be. am single and really want to get married. i also need a good job .

  81. Restoration on everything in my live.let the grace of god be upon me.

  82. Chinelo says:

    Clarity on myself and most areas of my life.

  83. Adjocatcher prosper says:

    I want known everything about my life, jobs, marriage, financial, protection.

  84. Shreenivas Yadavally says:

    Curious about the site

  85. Ndeshi says:

    I have study problem

  86. Montu says:

    I can’t understand everything.

  87. Robyn says:

    I would just like to know about my late mother and my future

  88. Dr. George Williams says:

    Please i need someone to partner with on company establishment.

  89. james says:

    i want to more myself

  90. Mian Muhammad Hamza Latif says:


  91. Florence says:

    I want to no something about my future life thanks sir

  92. i need a prophesy over my life and family

  93. Ruth lazarus says:

    I need a prophecy about my home

  94. Elif says:

    If you love your self dont do this

  95. mukwato kakoma says:

    My love life and my career

  96. MUREEd hussain says:

    Basti Chandram post office mochi wali t/D muzaffar garh

  97. kelvin says:

    I want to be successful in life because I’m the only son in my family and life has not been fair on me. there are you so many bill to pay

  98. Saidu bangura says:

    Am an African from sierra Leone west Africa, I want to know about my future travelling to the USA.

  99. nadeem says:

    Helo signal girls

  100. alagie gaye says:

    love giving to evryone my heart is open to u who want to be real friend

  101. love says:

    Prophesy upon me

  102. Rodgers says:

    Christ is the full essence of prophecy. christ out, o prophecy…

  103. Youssefsalahddine says:

    I want to work in any field

  104. Ibrahim Sakiru says:

    I need a good job

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