New beginnings and Free written Prophecy

Your Free Written Prophecy will Give Direction

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New beginnings and Free written Prophecy

New beginnings and Free written Prophecy


Did you know that Life has its new beginnings? Did you know that when you receive your free written prophecy that every day is a new beginning?  Every day is new. With your Free written prophecy you can correct your mistakes and let go of bad things that happened in your past. Embrace your new beginning with a prophecy.

There are beliefs that you can let go and replace with new ones when you receive your free written prophecy. When people get stuck with their situation, they have beliefs that do not work yet, they don’t want to let them go. But when you embrace your new beginning and receive your free written prophecy, it will help to guide you. When you are in the same situation for years, you have to reflect on yourself. You need a prophetic word. You need to ask yourself if there is something that you need to change on your beliefs, preferences, or principles in life. Every day is a new beginning. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in replacing old beliefs with new ones. With a prophetic word through your free written prophecy, you will gain clarity. Let go of traditions and beliefs that limit your way of living and get a free written prophecy today.


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Sometimes we get so comfortable with our beliefs that we do not want to take risks and try new things. We are afraid of the possible consequences if we try new things. Do not allow yourself to get stuck into a belief or principles that do not work for you.Remeber that Every day is new.  There is nothing wrong when you have to let go of old beliefs. Times are changing, what worked before may not workout today. Receive your prophetic word through your free written prophecy to speak to your life in this season. You have to learn to adapt to new things.Every day is new.  When you keep on doing and believing the things that are not working anymore, you are setting a roadblock for yourself. You are causing the delay of possibilities and breakthroughs in your life. With old beliefs, things are familiar and methods became comfortable for you. But for sure, you are not going to experience new things. You are staying in a situation where you are going to get stuck for the rest of your life. When you want to experience new situations, breakthroughs, and new possibilities, you have to make a decision. You have to decide on something that you never did before.A prophecy from your free written prohecy will make Every day like new. Be willing to take a risk. Without taking risks, you will go through the same thing over and over again. What you know about everyday life is not enough. Do not be afraid to step out and feel new things for yourself. Your free written prophecy will speak directly to your spirit. If you take the risk and fail, then try again. There is nothing more satisfying than pursuing and making things happen. Do not be afraid to try new things, to have endless possibilities. Do not make promises to yourself. Do not expect anything. Just do what you have to do to reach your goals. Because when you have expectations, it easier to be disappointed when things didn’t go as planned. Every day is new.  No matter how old you are, it is never too late to dream again. It is never too late to begin a new hobby, interest, or skills. Keep on dreaming and pursue possibilities by letting go of old beliefs and traditions that do not work for you.

Now, I invite you to join our prophetic prayer list today so you can recive your free written prophecy. Don’t miss out on the prophetic word of newness all about your life. It’s time for action. It is time to receive your free written prophecy. Now is the best time. Don’t wait any longer. Don’t hesitate.   You’ve got an important decision to make. And the only thing that is stopping you right now is you.

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