Gaining Prophetic Knowledge

Your Free Written Prophecy will Give Direction

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Gaining Prophetic Knowledge

Gaining Prophetic Knowledge

Gaining prophetic knowledge is a whole different ball game in your Christian life. Things will seem different, because your perspective is different. It’s like you’ve been transformed completely, that you see the world in a whole new light. Knowing your written prophecy opens your eyes. It gives you the wisdom to understand God’s message effectively.

Have you ever read a scripture at one point in your life and then later referred to the same scripture and realized that the scripture took on a completely different meaning for your life? The scripture did not change; you changed.

You are in a different place in your life now than where you were then; you have a different mindset. You have encountered different experiences and those experiences have caused you to see that scripture in a new light, through different eyes. The change transpired in your consciousness and your experiences caused you to see life differently.

The Master Prophet began his prophetic ministry as a prophet in the local church. Over time he developed and eventually was elevated to the position of Master Prophet. However, the reason he was able to make that transition from prophet to Master Prophet is because he allowed change to take place in his consciousness and accepted life experiences as teaching moments. Were all of the experiences good? From a superficial perspective, the experiences the Master Prophet went through may not have appeared to be good experiences at the time.

Are you tired of seeing the same old world? Are you ready to truly see the light and see how God speaks to you? Prophecy will guide and help you experience God like never before. Be a blessing to the world. Get your free written prophecy today. CLICK HERE.

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