God’s Grace

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God’s Grace

God’s Grace

How would you describe God’s grace? Words are not enough to precisely define the grace of God. There’s nothing that can be done to match His grace when God decided to sacrifice His only begotten son Jesus just to offer forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life to man.

This is the thing. Jesus was the son of God. He was a royal prince of heaven. He was in every way perfect. Man was nothing. Man came from mud and was just a mere creation of God. Why would God choose to have the souls of these undeserving people in exchange to the precious life of His son Jesus? That was grace in its purest and sincerest sense.

God is the God who saves. He doesn’t want to see His creation to be thrown in hell. What right does man have to be saved and rescued by Jesus Christ? None! But still, God chose man to be saved. Paul said that “God wants everyone to be saved.”

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