How God’s Love can help you meet your Goals

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How God’s Love can help you meet your Goals

How God’s Love can help you meet your Goals

Many people do not realize that God is always on the side lines cheering them on. Faith allows you to hear God’s cheers and gain strength and determination. God’s love can help you meet your goals as God wants you to be happy and feel his love through your achievements.

Setting Goals

Use God’s love to help you set goals and stick to them. Often a Free Written Prophecy can help you see where your goals will lead you making it easier to set your sights on something God wants for you. Write your goals down, or use a calendar with a target date so you can track your progress. Different goals will take different amounts of time, but setting a target date will let you know there is an end in sight for all of your efforts. Do some research and look at realistic dates for achieving your goals. If it is improving your education you will have the date you will graduate as your target. If it is losing weight you will know roughly how many months it will take you to lose your target weight.


Prayer can be an excellent tool to help you stay on track. Praying everyday for the strength to carry on will also bring you closer to God. You can use your faith to provide you with hope that you will continue to do well. If you don’t do well use prayer when you feel yourself waiver to help regain focus and faith you will succeed.

Write out the Steps

Having a plan is always the best way to meet your goals. Write down the steps it will take to achieve your goals and use them to keep you motivated. If it is weight loss, track how much weight you are losing and note dates where you aim to increase your activity or add a new food to your diet. God and faith are excellent motivators as you know that God has an ultimate reward in store for all of us. When you have faith in God you have faith in yourself. Being able to look at your progress on paper will help you see you are making great strides, or even taking baby steps. Either one is good and brings you closer to your goals.

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