How to Gain a Testimony

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How to Gain a Testimony

How to Gain a Testimony

There is a pattern in society where the fruit is usually born the same as the tree. There are traditions handed down from generation to generation. One of the things being handed down is religion. We are all born into some system of belief in every household. There always comes a point when you start questioning if what you believe in is what you should believe in.

Children have what is called a borrowed testimony. They get their faith from the people that they grew up with who instilled the same beliefs in them. As children grow older, they realize that the world isn’t all that magical and they struggle to find their own identity, sense of being and even struggle with their faith. How do you get your own testimony?

People need to go on their own search to discover if God is real in their lives, but here’s some advice from believers on how to better achieve the answers you seek.

  1. Go to the right places- If you’re trying to seek God, you won’t find Him in places where there isn’t any light. You have to go to the exact places where what you are looking for will be found.
  2. Get rid of the poison- When we say poison, it means anything that dulls your spiritual sensitivity. Alcoholic drinks, illegal drugs, anything that is unnatural, unclean and causes the body harm.
  3. Live what you read- God is found everywhere, but His words can be found in the mouth of His servants and the prophets, and they have written it in scripture. Today, modern revelation exists to continue to guide us; but we gain witness through applying His words in our lives. Then we will see the truthfulness and sincerity of His love for His children.

There are a lot more things you can do to help you find your testimony, but these are simple ones you can start with. Every earnest seeker will find God if they do their part.

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