Knowledge Does Not Put You in Position

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Knowledge Does Not Put You in Position

Knowledge Does Not Put You in Position

Knowledge is not position because you’re in a world that can be so aware and knowledgeable, it doesn’t give the preeminence over the visual of everything. Knowledge is not position. It is not a thing that’s on top. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that the person who has the most knowledge is the right leader.

We’ve got to understand that knowledge doesn’t put you in a position, because the person that knows the most is not necessarily the best one to lead the people. It doesn’t mean that the one with the most anointing is the one that’s qualified to lead the people.

We see the Old Testament with Israel and Philistines. God allowed the Philistines to rule over Israel because God was sending them a message or establishing a prophetic statement. God uses commands to fulfill a certain purpose. God will turn around and judge that in itself so it can come back inbound.Sometimes God will swing the pendulum out of balance, so the pendulum will come in balance.


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