Losing Control

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Losing Control

Losing Control

It’s quite funny how some Christians offer their lives to God and yet try to control everything that’s happening. Doesn’t that completely contradict your act of faith? When things go wrong and our prayers don’t get answered, we panic and get very anxious. If you feel like you can relate to this, the power of prophecy can help you.

Oftentimes, we experience the need to take matters into our own hands and help God a little. When we devise Plan B’s for ourselves, chances are the best of God’s plans are not what we accomplish. It is only God who can bring us to where He promised us to be. We do not need to help him. I repeat: The God of the Universe does not need your help to bless you. He can handle it mightily by Himself. It is important to see how God’s prophecies are fulfilled with blessings of prosperity.

“Divine rest gives life to prophecy, which is a vital instrument for prosperity. We are living in a prophetic age that requires prophetic utterances for triumph over all the dangerous works of darkness in our generation. Resting in the Lord makes God to open our mouth in prophecies that helps us to ascend into the realm of abundance”

Learn how to trust God full-heartedly through the power of prophecy. The prophet will help and guide you in deepening your faith in God’s promises. So that the next time things don’t go as planned, you are less anxious about the events and be more confident in God’s plan and purpose. Speak to a prophet today. CLICK HERE!

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