It’s Time For You To Make The Enemy Mad Because of Your Faith

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It’s Time For You To Make The Enemy Mad Because of Your Faith

It’s Time For You To Make The Enemy Mad Because of Your Faith

The enemy is livid at you because your faith is going to have the final say in your life and it is going to enrich you like never before!


“You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us, your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.”

(2 Corinthians 9:11)


The enemy has been busy attempting to derail what God has set in motion! Rest assured, that bitter, rotten enemy has been rebuked in the name of Jesus! The enemy wants to UPSET you with false accusations, delay, denial and every other type of nuisance to get under your skin, but the Lord made it plain and clear when the Lord said,


It is incredibly important for you to make your future an emergency because there is a latter rain that is soon approaching your household this Thanksgiving and it is going to enrich your life in every so that you can be generous on every occasion! 


The enemy wants to succeed at upsetting you through 3 specific attacks that will cause you to forfeit your timely prophetic blessing. This means your LATTER RAIN will pass you by.


The Lord showed me three distinctive barriers the enemy wants to establish in your mind to upset your future:


  1. The enemy wants to create a strong resistance to change within you through fear! He wants to convince you of limitation by planting thoughts of disaster in your mind (The ‘what ifs and ‘I can’t’s begin to pile up in the form of thoughts)!


  1. He wants to keep your attention on your past just to keep you in the same exact cycle in your present to carry you right into your future! He seeks to keep you focused on missed opportunities and past failures to convince you that there is really no future for you!


  1. He wants to suppress your power to get wealth in every area of your life through constant distractions which will only keep you from dreaming and executing your vision! He seeks to dim your light!

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