Manifesting the Future you Desire

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Manifesting the Future you Desire

Manifesting the Future you Desire

What do you dream of being, doing or having in the future? If you can be, do, or have something right now, what will it be? The future is a clean slate. You can create any future you want to live into, as long as you believe it’s possible. Regardless of what you’ve experienced in the past, you can also create a new future. You can always write a new story. You have the power to change the course of your life.

As a human being, created with a brain and an ability to communicate, you have the power to write your own story. Once you take your stand as a co-creator, you will see your ability to actually shape your own reality. Your present circumstances are products of choices you’ve made in the past and the ways of being you’ve taken on. You may not be aware of your creative power and abilities, but it is there whether you believe it or not.

What is the future you desire? What do you envision for your future? Your vision for the future allows you to see possibilities where other people only see a dead-end.1 Henry Ford shared with the world his vision for the automotive industry. During this time, only rich people were able to afford to have cars. They believed that people will always use horses and carriages to travel. The cost of producing automobiles was just too expensive.

Henry Ford was bold to share his vision for a desired future. Despite how people say this as an impossibility, he believed how every family would be able to drive a car. His vision, which seemed impossible during his time became possible. His vision became a reality. It started with a vision and the language that called forth this vision into possibility.

You cannot take a stand for a vision you don’t believe will ever come to pass. When you have a vision, you have an end in mind. You are productively moving forward, rather than aimlessly moving. People are often afraid to get detailed into what they want to experience in the future because they want to be realistic. They fear disappointments. They stick with what seems possible based on past experiences. As a result, they only generate for themselves more of the same futures, and thus, history repeats itself.


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