Observing the Sabbath is Listening to God

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Observing the Sabbath is Listening to God

Observing the Sabbath is Listening to God

There are so many things that God wants you to know and learn about Him. And with that limited hour you spare each day, you are actually cutting off the opportunity of knowing the heart of God. In fact, more than 50% of that hour of quiet time might be spent for your requests and complains to God. So when’s the time for you to listen to Him?

The very purpose of Sabbath is rest. And it is rest in all areas and aspect of a person’s life. It is the rest from everything that concern you and the world you live with. Sabbath is spending that precious time with God, finding His peace and listening to whatever He’s going to say to you. Observing the Sabbath is listening to God. That is why you have to be 100% at rest in everything you do during Sabbath.

Put it this way, if you’re only resting your body from work but still have your mind and heart on the things that concern your daily work, then your rest is incomplete. In fact, it might be useless. It is as if you are physically present with God but is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually absent. Your body is with the church but your heart, soul, and mind are not with God. Then you cannot hear God’s words. The essence of Sabbath is resting with God and hearing His message. God’s words and wisdom are the nourishment to your spirit. Without God’s word in your life, you cannot continue and grow as the person God wants you to be. But when you observe the Sabbath, you get to know more of God. When you spend time with Him, you get to hear the pulse of His heart and listen to the words He has to say. Sabbath is the opportunity for God’s people to listen to His word and feed their spirit with it.

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