Praying Silently Shall Make The Loudest Noise In Heaven

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Praying Silently Shall Make The Loudest Noise In Heaven

Praying Silently Shall Make The Loudest Noise In Heaven

In the scriptures 1 Samuel 1:13, Eli saw Hannah praying silently.


Hannah, who gave birth to her miracle son, the prophet Samuel, was accused of being drunk by the priest Eli when he saw her praying silently. The truth is, Hannah was praying in her heart. Her lips were moving, yet her voice wasn’t heard. Eli thought that she was drunk and scolded her. Hannah replied that she wasn’t drunk yet merely pouring out her soul to the Lord.


What does this mean for you? During this powerful LAW OF ABUNDANCE season, the Lord said that there are going to be intense moments in your life when people are going to misinterpret your faith actions simply because of the financial breakthrough that God is going to walk you into! 


There are going to be some folks who are going to scold you because they’re going to witness your lips moving, yet they aren’t going to be able to hear the sound that’s coming from your heart unto the Lord that will bring forth unusual and unexplainable manifestations of His glory upon your life. Hallelujah! Just begin to give God praise because they might ask you, “Are you intoxicated?”


Lift your hands unto the Lord wherever you are right now because you’ve been pouring out unto the Lord from your heart lately, haven’t you? The Holy Spirit says that it’s your silent prayer that shall make the loudest noise unto the heavens in this season. As you pray in belief and move forth in faith, your prayers shall become intoxicating unto the Lord, and He shall supply all your needs during this LAW OF ABUNDANCE season you are standing in! Hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus Christ.


Those things for which you’ve been pouring your soul out unto the Lord concerning your finances are about to be expressed in you, through you and as you during this LAW OF ABUNDANCE season you are currently standing in. The people around you might fail to understand what God is doing, and they might ask you, “Are you intoxicated?”


The Lord says that like Hannah, it is going to be your vow unto the Lord, that will cause you to give birth to that which you’ve been praying for the Lord to bring to pass concerning your finances! Your silent daily prayer must be identified by your belief and not your grief! It isn’t a season for you to pray out of frustration, but it is a season for you to pray in Divine expectation and seal it with a vow!


The Lord says if your enemies can recognize or understand your prayers, you’re only speaking in a language they can identify with; thus, your prayers aren’t prayers that can identify with belief!


The Lord says it is when they can see your lips moving yet fail to understand what your heart is pouring out unto the Lord, that your prayers will mark as prayers that are intoxicated with belief and not grief!


In the scriptures, Eli changed his tune and spoke a word of blessing to Hannah that God honored by giving Hannah a son (1 Sam 1:20). God says because of your silent prayers and your vow unto Him, you’re also going to witness your accusers turn around and bless you and their words shall come to past!

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